Tuesday, May 19, 2015

There Can Be Only One

To quote the top dog Highlander, ". . . there can be only one." Unquote. "Today," said this limner. 

First there was Jackie. Then there was Randall. I'm sure I've overlooked one or two other "word artists," but this beauty came as a major surprise. Her talk of having to "learn origami or something" to add to her bag of Ahas! was merely a distraction. A clever fooled you! No-no-no. I get it. I see it before me like that lady with her dagger did. It's the white that makes it bright(er)! Her hand has always been delicate, packed with genteel flair and a certain savior faire. The white is as amazing as pulling doves from thin air. Gee, Mrs. Duffy . . . (What rhymes with Duffy?!?) Thank you, I do. 

Today, there can be only one. 

Write on Mrs. D.. Write on.


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    1. I know. She makes me want to practice harder. :)

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    1. :) You are the only other person I "know" who might be familiar with the series. Adrian Paul made me flush every time I saw that show. He should have made it big in Hollywood. (sigh)

  3. you will have to excuse my absence of a comment today , I have a migraine and it hurts take care and we shall speak soon

    1. Poor thing! I am so sorry. Take gentle care. We're sending healing thoughts your way.

      Be well.

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    1. As you should. You have such a lovely hand. Thank you! Your envelope is a signed piece of art. :)