Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Envelope Making

I'm doing some of the little things that matter in the long run, such as transferring addresses and birthdates from my 2012 address book to my 2015 copy. (Since I have the time.) This notation came as a surprise. Naturally, Google was forthcoming to enlighten me just enough to make me wonder why-why.

"The first postmaster of Petal was Irving A. Polk.[10] The post office was established in 1903 [11] and was named after the postmaster's daughter. It is the only city in the U.S. with this name. Petal separated from the city of Hattiesburg on April 4, 1974. Petal was a community filled with farmers. This is slowly changing with new businesses coming into the city." I still don't know why I felt the need to make note of Irving A. Polk back in 2012. (smh =scratching my head)

No need to wonder why I culled this page, right? Make something. What do I make of this? With this? From this? But never why this. It's perfect as is I reckon. So why can't I think up and create clever pieces like this? 

This is often my speed--two steps up from idle. You know how people are making coloring books for adults now, since it's supposed to be great for our brains, and it is meant to be a way to relax? Well, doodling is good for me when I stress out over not being clever-clever at collage. I'm crazy for the silver marker by American Crafts. The red is enough to make me crazy too! The tips never clog or stall, and the red looks like you're writing with red liquid chalk. They're made in the USA! Oh, yea.

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple sister. That's what it means. And not much beats making simple envelopes. How simple was this one? 

I'll tell you how simple. "Measure twice, cut once" sounds like rocket science, that's how simple this was. It took two cuts to give the flap gently rounded curves on the top of my envelope's front. You want authenticity? There's even pigeon poo.

The back side is a single subscription page for two subscription opportunities. One piece of purple down the middle to keep the perforations intact was a simple trick.

Close-ups are fun. I don't get the hot dog part. I didn't know bugs vomited. The B.I.G. headline is funny, I think.

I believe that about the Batman. I figured he was on something the first time he bit my neck. And Madonna committed robbery. (Cradle robbing!) That's a headline!

Two folds, two cuts. two lines of glue, one strip of purple tape and you're done, except for deciding where to put the label and stamp. And, here you have The Lazy Woman's Guide to Envelope Making 101.

Write on.


  1. I love them what a wonderful addition to mail art ...yes I consider an envelope out of the ordinary mail art and you are a mail artist my dear . take care and get well soon .

    1. Thanks for an inclusive definition of mail art. Perhaps altered art is my bonafide challenge. LOL.

      I'm following doc's orders but cannot see the spine specialist until late June. Being hobbled is beginning to border on boredom. I've run out of lemons. Now it's sour cherries. :)

  2. I LOVE your notation about Petal and Irving! Do you think this marks our first correspondence? I don't know why else you would be making a note about the city of Petal.... Unless it's all the famous people that live here (LOL).

    1. Laughing hard here! We've been writing since 2012? Wow. You mean to tell me I looked up Petal, MS because I was nosy, er, curious? Caught! After the act, but caught nevertheless, in plain sight. Too funny! Petal is an unusual name for a town, so . . . Our you could be right about all the famous people there. :D

      Why did the founding fathers name your town Petal? That's like naming it Leaf, MS. Or Tree, MS. I give up now. Will cover my face with a cool towel until this blows over. LOL.

    2. Well, as I understand the story, little Petal Polk died as an infant from one of the myriad childhood diseases that were rampant back then. So the town was named Petal in her honor. Believe me, "Petal" is one of the more "ordinary" town names in Mississippi. Have you ever heard of Hot Coffee? Or Soso? How about Harvey or Chunky or Chickenbone? We've got a million of 'em! :-)

    3. Laughing too hard now! I thought Cut n Shoot, TX was bad but y'all take the cake.

      I had to check. In 2005, National Geographic published an article about Hot Coffee, describing it as:

      "A tiny community of farms, homes, and businesses scattered along two-lane Highway 532. The 12-mile stretch known locally as Hot Coffee Road runs from the town of Mount Olive to a crossroads that dates back to pioneer days."

      There's also this: Actress Stella Stevens was born in Yazoo City, Mississippi and has frequently been inaccurately referenced in the media as a native of Hot Coffee. Hollywood gossip columnist Louella Parsons once referred to Stevens as "the cream of Hot Coffee".

      Randall, you just made my evening lighter. Thanks ever so much. Am off to Google the rest of those names.

    4. Chunky has an interesting history and name.