Monday, May 18, 2015


(Anatomy of a Friendship postcard)

(A repeater worth repeating.)

(A party all by itself.)

A dream come true. She often reads my mind.

A cure for insomnia? Doodled mail!

"Ally Oop!" I miss you. "Nancy and Sluggo" were zombies. "Terry" was too boring for a girl. I still don't know what "Prince Valiant" was/is all about. Who keeps the strip going? One more thing to Google!

I've used just two of these. Can't bring myself to use more than that. Not yet anyway. I owe a lot to comics. The old masters were my first loves, but Walt Disney and Stan Lee, and every comic strip artist who caught my eye filled my head with color and shapes, anatomy and animation, dreams and ambition. "Mary Worth?" Where are you?


  1. oh my I absoloutly loved nancy and slugo . Kids today cannot appreciate such simplicity . another great one again Limner thank you so much for bringing back great memories .

    1. It's funny. I read Nancy out of need but even then I had to admit they were boring. When we bought comics with our allowance Nancy was a choice because the comic was cheaper than the good ones, and when you're down to the wire you'll take her over Dick Tracy. LOL. She had the first afro! :) Poor Nancy and Sluggo grew up to be Archie and Veronica: boring but pretty much all there was.

      I like your take on the pair. Simplicity had its place in our lives before television catered to us, and spoiled us.

      You are so welcome.

  2. that is a lovely word by the way perusing it just flows off your tongue like honey . I love it just love it .