Sunday, May 24, 2015

One Big "Oh My Goodness!"

There are days when I just can't get enough of this life. They are the days when awe outweighs the norm, and that awe stretches itself into one great big oh my goodness! Such large doses of awe often follow extraordinarily trying trials that I feel I've passed, and the awes are rewards. Honest to goodness, that's how it feels.

I was wide awake and struggling at 5 AM. I was still awake at 5:30.  I'm not sure when I fell asleep again, but I recall getting back in bed after I'd brushed my teeth and gargled; there was no time to fret over will-I-or-won't-I-fall-asleep-again, I just did it. 

JC let me sleep in this morning. He cleaned up the mess in the sink. I thought I'd dreamed it all until I spied a small spot of evidence. We are such total opposites that once in a while I marvel over the longevity of our relationship. Perhaps it is true that opposites do attract. We bump egos true enough--which is normal--but I know in my heart that I, and another me, would not work at all. I don't always like me, so . . . This is way off topic. But wait. He is a structural designer. I am a graphic designer/plain old artist. We should work like bacon and eggs, huh? Not so. He criticizes my room. I criticize his. It's why we each have a room of our own. When I draw I spread out. I'll tack a drawing on the drapes if I must; papers, pencils, pens, paints, books, tools, and anything else I need will be within reach; discarded drawings are never wadded; they somehow land on the floor in case I change my mind about all or parts of what I thought might not work. Bits of cut paper litter like giant dandruff; the vacuum will take care of all that within a week, at least. JC's space is the opposite. CAD is all he needs. You get the picture, right? Oh. And almost every weekend day he says, "You need to comb your hair." Or he asks, "Have you looked in a mirror today?" He doesn't get how I'm able to work in what he calls chaos. Things inevitably slide and fall when he comes into my space. He's like a magnet! He often tries to tell me what the post office will and will not accept. He also buys emergency art stuff in an emergency. Like today. I feel like I drank the water in Tijuana all over again, so no Black Walnut today. He bought enough food to last me until I'm able to shop. He leaves for Georgia tomorrow but he was kind enough to buy two Pentel Mechanical pencils for me; a .05 and a .03. The .03 was not purchased without the unsolicited advice that "it's not gonna work for you. They break because they're too thin. I know because I've used them." Bless his heart if he doesn't know me by now. 

I know better than to ask what he thinks of a drawing. I did it last night and he asked all the incorrect questions. He has never asked me what I think of anything he's designing. Why? I say it's because all the drawings look alike. So why did he have to say her eyebrows look sad? She has no eyebrows! None. And, yes, she is sad, so I achieved my goal--sans eyebrows. Markers on tracing paper lend an ethereal quality to just about anything, so keep the tip in mind if you've never tried it but might be thinking on it.

In fact, I like to illustrate a letter written on tracing paper. Calque is one of the best. It is "fine textured." Yes, I know my girl's eyes look like she has cataracts, but markers are high strung when it comes to tracing paper. Plus, the drawing is a quick study, so it doesn't matter much here.

This does. Is it so hard to believe that this is a single sheet of stationery? Try it. It's fun. You get to write paragraphs in little blocks or squares. You get to draw anything you like. I included my nasal spray bottle, a bead on a ribbon, my favorite drawing pencil, my favorite clogs . . .

And why is this unacceptable as an envelope? 

Another address and postage placement of the same drawing.

I couldn't bring myself to cover the eyes. Mistakes and unfinished art can be a good thing. My mail art might not be like your mail art, but . . .

(Donald Baechler, artist)

. . . this guy's art makes amazing envelopes. I can't bring myself to use these yet, so keeping them a little longer can't possibly hurt. 

Now. Here's an "oh my goodness" link:

OMG. Can you imagine being that good? Can you imagine writing a letter on that rooster? The horse? How about the bunny? The swan is my second favorite, but it should have a diamond ring or some other expensive ring tucked beneath some part of it, don't you think? The pelican's bill would be cool but not very romantic. Art is fun.

What an envelope this would make as well. They're all pretty awesome. Colossal always has something eye-catching.

One woman's doodle is the same woman's envelope art.

The flap and/or the return address is as good as an artist's signature. Make it funky.

This is what happens when the Rockets lose yet again.


So sincerely that . . . Well, here's a link for the colorist in you:


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  1. I love your drawings, especially the sad girl face. You are an excellent artist.

    1. You made me hug myself! Thank you. The children on my street are beautiful. They're so interesting when they get growth spurts. Caricatures makes things even more interesting.

  2. love it as always and take care and hope you get to use those pencils don't let them break on you and if they do oh well there is always more .

    1. LOL! Thanks. JC bought refills to last me a while, thank goodness. The pencil bodies are heavier than I'm used to but I'll get used to it. Right now I'm erasing a lot, and I rarely erase.

  3. fun to see the art you have been creating
    such wonderful envelopes
    people must love getting them in the mail

    1. Thank you! It's nice to hear that someone has fun with something I have such fun creating. Mail art allows me to let go of the lessons learned about perspective, anatomy, color theory . . . and just play. I enjoy seeing how other artists create as well. Everyone likes mail art. :)

      Be well.