Friday, May 8, 2015

May Day, May Day!

No, I am not is distress. I do not need nautical or emergency assistance of any kind. I'm just happy that it's another lovely day in May. Oh. And Mother's Day is two away. Yes, I know, May Day is also May 1, a day of celebration. We've already done that. So maybe I'm celebrating Ma Day early, as if I need an excuse to open my gifts ahead of time. Truth is, birthday gifts and Ma Day gifts sort of bump into each other. Like this . . . 

How could I have forgotten my birthday charms? Especially the envelope? It's my second. Notice the absence of a date on the cake? I can always have April 25 engraved later, sans the year, or maybe 2015 is best. James Avery needs a postage stamp and a fountain pen to go with. Note to self: Write to JA with suggestions for new letter charms.

Sweet. Charmed, I'm sure. 

I rescued this from the paper trash pile. The tables (?) reminded me of old maps. A world and a moon tossed into a new cosmos. The purple tape needed using; it brings out the same colors in the design to the right of it. Wish I'd picked up the lime green tape last year to go with. With I had orange and yellow and red and white and black. Such a pretty little envelope. Last night I wrote a letter especially for it. I wrote two more for a mail balance that was due. I answered one  letter from 2013. I do declare me to be diligent and a keeper of promises to write back. No matter how long it takes.

I walked the three outgoing to the mail box just before noon. The mailman was there! A new guy. A sub, if you will, since it was the new regular guy's day off. This guy, the sub, was nice and not above chatting with his best fan. He wished me a great day. I thanked him, wished him ditto (sincerely), and by the time I'd crossed the street and walked halfway up the drive, he called out "Ma'am? Ma'am? Is this box for your house?" Yes! He'd followed me, not knowing I belonged to the house that had a delivery. Oh, yeah! 

These were inside. I think there are ten in all. I'm so taken with these pen. I bought several two years ago. I used them only this past fall/winter, and wondered what took me so long. Truth is, I often buy something, put it aside, and lo! A day comes when I need the curious thing. I'd show you the gold ink brush pen I bought, since I know I will need gilt soon. It's a good thing I do not wear mascara, or I'd confuse this brush pen for liquid to extend my lashes. Expect a photo soon. 

I get to read this three month old book between odd and rare spaces where I do nothing. Last night I read the first letter from Peter to Beatrice. The chapter's title is ' "Hello Everybody, he said." Peter writes, 

"Dear Bea,

Finally, a chance to communicate with you properly! Shall we call this my First Epistle to the Joshuan's? Oh, I know we both have our misgivings about St. Paul and his slant on things, but the guy sure knew how to write a good letter and I'm going to need all the inspiration I can get . . ."

I'm writing this with pencil and paper. (I had a bunch of pens but they must have exploded during the Jump--there's ink all over the insides of my bag. No surprise they didn't survive the trip . . .) Anyway, when sophisticated technology fails, primitive technology steps in to do the job. Back to the sharpened stick with the silver graphite inside, and the sheets of pressed wood-pulp . . ."

The last paragraph is about sending an e-mail type of "space mail" from outer space back to Bea, on Earth. 

I like the idea of pencil and paper trumping technology, don't you. I wrote a letter to someone with p&p in 2013. They didn't mind either. When was the last time you did it? Did you use pencil for the address too, or just the letter? And what about the woman being held hostage recently? She ordered a pizza from her phone and saved the day when she texted "Help! Call 911." Mayday! Mayday! Writing saves lives. Write on.


  1. Gorgeous envelope!

    1. Envelope images from cover of Pier1 Imports catalog. So I can't take credit. But am pleased to hear you like it too. Thanks.

  2. One question and one comment:
    1. What are those pens??
    2. LOVE The Book of Strange New Things -- it is mesmerizing, captivating, heartbreaking, and beautiful.

    1. Be still my ego! Google Cocoiro and Kuretake. The bodies and ink fills are sold separately. I use mine every day. Hope you will take at least one for a test drive. :)

    2. I've been struggling with TBOSNT since I bought it. Not because of the story so much as painful distractions that make me forget what I've read. Okay, it's the pain drugs that do it, but I tend to prefer them to a book if I must choose. I'm hooked on the book now. Your lovely review just pushed me from letter mode to book mode. I will read this weekend instead of devoting all the spare time to pens, paper, envelopes and stamps. Thank you.

  3. oh my goodness that is a new one writing saves lives LOL ....too cute but I like it and also happy mommys day .

    1. :) Happy Mother's Day Eve to you.