Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jane Austen's Novel Journal Part II & More

Less is more, except when you aren't sure how much less you should show when there is so much more to share.

This reminds me of that heart stamp. How could I not share?

Wow. She let him go because she thought he'd return if love was true? Or something? Her love bird flew the coop?

Such quotes, huh? I think I've read all of Austen, so you'd think I would recall some of these quotes. PBS failed me too.

I like this, so will let it be the last of the images I'd hoped to share.  Pray write to him or her. Letters flow both ways. 

Okay. This is it instead.

I like typewriters. I almost hated typing class. My mother wanted me to be a secretary instead of an artist. She said, "Be a secretary like your sister." And refused to let me study art at Sam Houston State U. On a scholarship no less. I got even. I never typed faster than 42 wpm when it counted. 

Three of the twenty notecards at my disposal.

Ha! Well said.

New writing stuff, and things. Kuretake makes my heart sing! New mail went out today but won't be picked up until tomorrow. The mailman beat me to the punch, so Fatima had time to slot a fourth letter for me. She's the best assistant ever. And she's only ten! She'd drive for me too, if she could. She'd even drive to check my p.o.b.! She and her bestie, Genesis, sit in Fatima's mother's car and pretend they're driving. Picture it. Fatima driving Ms Me someday! Did you hear about the man who was arrested for riding his horse in traffic? The Amish get to, so why shouldn't he? Poor thing probably couldn't drive any more. 

No matter. I'm considering training pigeons to make postal runs for me someday--when I'm too old to find the way. I'm not so sure they'd work for bird seed any more by then, these pigeons I feed. They'd most likely tell me to "Get a snail." Hey! Drones! I must design a mail drone. Maybe not. They'd more than likely get shot down, and I'd have NSA, TSA, NASA, and the PTA knocking on my door. Wouldn't a mail drone be cool though? Solar powered of course. 

Have you noticed some of the recent chatter about mail? It's everywhere. Some people act like mail was gasping for its last breath or something. There will always be mail. Remember when a letter was as rare as rooster teeth back in colonial times? Lord, I hope not! But you get my drift. The USPS is here to stay. Check out this link for enrichment. I enjoy their watercolor paper. Their newsletter came down the e-mail pike this morning. Perhaps their stationery is worth a try. Supporting companies that encourage writing by hand is a good thing.



  1. Yes, there will always be mail! Love that red calligraphy too.

    1. Since that is true, there will never be a need to panic over the improbable loss of the post office. Let us simply write on.

  2. Love that photo of your box full of goodies!!

    1. I have a serious crush on Kuretake inks and Cocoiro pen bodies. The fine liners mesmerize. Am developing a serious crave for the brush pens. A smaller box came today! Oh, the joy! April and May are to of the best months to be me. :)