Friday, May 1, 2015

It's a Wrap!

The 20th letter was written well before midnight. My mail tally for the month of April is 64. All that writing never felt like a chore. Not once. I do need a break though, so . . .

I cut a new template, and I got busy.

A Hi-Fructose Magazine, circa 2014, was a good place to start. For making fun envelopes, you can't beat the art.

The insides of this mag is off the charts. (2009 Illustration Annual)

Work like this makes it easier for people like me. Since I am artistically challenged when it comes to traditional non-traditional mail art, I can use all the help I can get. Like this. Even so, I come close to failing to embellish well enough to alter the original. Oh, woe is me. But, turned on its side, I see the blue shirt as the from line, and the white shirt is the to line on an envelope. Do you see what I mean? No, of course not. You see something fantastic and full out creative.

There's this gem. I wish you could see it. It's so perfect I cannot imagine altering it in any way. It's a single page from a two page spread. A perfect envelope.

A better view of the bottom half. 

See? It's perfectly altered! Where would you put an address label? The back. On the back! Yes?

Perfect for the "From Me to You" stamp!

This envelope is for another garden lover. What I wouldn't give to have a yard like this. Can't you see yourself writing letters on a patio facing this? (sigh) It's a page from the British magazine, "Landscape."

This is my current reality, and I don't mind one bit. My first letter of May goes inside. I get to draw imaginary flowers and embellish my own handwriting; I get to use three different kinds of markers and my Japanese brush pens. I get to unleash my imagination and let it rip. Hey Patty! 

Another ta-da! for me.

I am getting ready for a month of May mail making wraps for letters, and it's a wrap. What's on your agenda?

Let us write on.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I have never seen the Communication Arts mag cool! I NEED to get my hands on them! I always poke around libraries in their discard mag. racks but I have not seen this, is this more likely to be found in Educational places...colleges , etc? Great work! Amazing! Funnnnnn!

    1. Hey Pam. Thanks for the thumbs up. Taking apart my favorite magazines is painful but necessary. I subscribed to Com Arts once upon a time, but buy only the issues that interest me now. Good old Barnes & Noble is my go-to place for such goodies.

  2. Oh no we really do give the post person something nice to look at don't we ? we are a pair the two of us , but what pair would describe us best ? that is what I have not figured out yet and as always you are a gem my dear friend , you are a true gem and a mail artist indeed . take care you and don't over work yourself you must give yourself rest . don't overdo it hear me ? take care and much mail sent your way my fave mail artisit ...

    1. You are the best PR person ever! Your check is in the mail. ;)

      Blessings on you.

      JC did a mail run today. I owe you two letters now. How do you scallop your paper???

      We'd make a fine pair of book ends! LOL!

    2. Thank you. Very much. I almost hated collage in school and have never been good at it. I so admire people who are.

  3. scallop the paper take plain old notebook paper and scissors and turn your wrist with the scissors and wallah scalloped paper . I hope that makes sense .

    1. It makes all the sense in the world. Thank you.