Monday, May 11, 2015

It Pays to Review

My desire to communicate via the handwritten has been restored, renewed and refreshed, albeit in need of a little inspiration. Writing  is good physical therapy except when it isn't. So, when I'm pain free I want to make up for the lack of joy that's been self-evident during recent dark periods. When I need a boost, I pull my go-to, The Art of the Handwritten Note, by Margaret Shepherd, aka The Art of the Handwritten Note Bible, from the shelf for a leisure thumb-through. It never lets me down. I've given away more copies of this gem than any other gift, ever. Read on and you'll see why.

This is a lovely excerpt from the front of the book's dust cover, "While it's fine to e-mail a business memo or to phone about a last-minute get-together, sometimes a more distinctive message--Thank you, Please join us, So sorry, even, Dear John--is just the thing. And trading technology for intimacy, you'll not only keep in touch with friends and family, you'll have a chance to express your own individuality and flair."

The preface, titled "The Handwritten Note is Alive and Well" is as good as a perfect gem-filled jewel of a brooch," bursting with such light-catchers as, "Handwritten notes are not going to die out, because people still love to receive them and they value each note more as they receive fewer of them." Doesn't that make perfect sense? "Ink on paper is still the classiest way to express the thoughts that really matter, on the occasions that really count. And sometimes it's the only way; your words will carry sympathy and gratitude with a special kind of sincerity when your reader sees them on paper in your writing." Oh, how full my heart feels after reading all that! I still like e-mails when nothing else will do. Sometimes snail mail just doesn't cut it when you need to say something that needs saying quick-quick. Writing is writing is writing in a pinch. Sometimes a note is all one can manage. Sometimes a body needs nothing more than a note that says "Hey, am thinking of you today." You never know.

"Corresponding on paper lets you elevate a simple pleasure into an art form. And art has always survived technology." See? Remember what Peter said about pencils and paper? It's called confirmation. I need refresher reads from The Art of the Handwritten Note like a kid needs booster shots. I want to offer up wisps of handwritten note "incense" from the altar of my desk as inspiration and affirmation from time to time.  

Remember the days when all you can manage is a note? A quote? An enclosure. A cartoon? They add up. Everything counts.

Fun is a great sub for brevity.

So is cute.

And the real deal.

Front to back.

So are sweet new notecards. Buy plenty.

(The contents are listed on back.)

Tiny, little, medium and tall. Stickers and envelopes for the separate dolls. And funny little gift tags to boot. 

Aw shoot! They're all so cute.

Hooray for the handwritten notecard refresher, and you!


  1. your mail art blows me away my dear and yes you gotta love the lil gecko.. he is a doll . I love the commercial where he is standing on the side of the road and yells somebody help me I've got a flat tire LOL ...too cute huh ? again love the art work my dear you stay safe , I worry about you and jc and all those tornadoes swirling around you all and us with the hurricanes . do you ever get away from it ? No , never the fear that winds could rip your roof off take care my dear . Yes my son and I discussed the issue of the school trouble and just the suggestion that he was going to get a spanking straightened his butt up and I never had another problem at school outta him . he told me I had embarrassed him at school so he did not like me very much at that point , that made me sad but a mom has to do what she has to do especially if she is doing double duty and the only parent . I understand about the erin issue too . sometimes we say things we regret but I think sometimes we say thing that need to be said at the time even if they are hurtful . ...your mail is always so cute .

    1. That has to be the wealthiest gecko on the planet. LOL. How'd he get here from England? You reckon he swam? :)

      Aw, you're very kind. We're under another storm watch. Thunder rolls even as I write, but all is well. Thanks for caring. JC is in Georgia, so it's just the cats and yours truly. I'm not much of a weather watcher, but JC likes the weather channel. I recall only one bad storm during my years in the Carolinas. Take care.

      My dad was summoned to my school only once. He'd taught me how to make a fist and fight back a week before. Military children always had to fight to prove themselves every time they were the new kids in school. Daddy got tired of me coming home declaring it was time to move because I was expected to fight. After one lesson and a promise to whip me if I ever lost a fight . . . As you say, the rest is history. I got by a lot simply because I was usually the smartest in our class, but there came a time when I had to put up or get a head start after school was out. I always think of those days when I see Bernice in the Sandra Bullock movie "Hope Floats." Remember it? LOL! I've watched it about six or seven times.

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I hope the book might remind you of a few too.

    2. omg Julia Roberts and Sandra bullock are two of my faves they are awesome actresses and yes love that movie to bits . Harry Conick sure was nice and is nice to look at and that accent.okay Im blown away again

    3. LOL! I'm sure Harry would be pleased to know he's a topic in a comments section of non-Hollywood-gossip blog. Yes, he's sweet eye candy.

    4. OMG !!! I almost fell over reading this yes outta my chair ...Oh Bernice that is your new nickname from me you are now Bernice ...Oh and that cowboy hat and the truck and the flowers oh yeah im done knock me over with a feather sure Harry would be very pleased .

    5. Oh, Lordy! Not Bernice! LOL! Poor Bernice is not who I want to be. Laughing so hard here!!! Wasn't she a mess? She put up a fight too, didn't she?

  2. Do I have that book? I think I do.... I know I have one on letters. I think its time to revisit them. She has so much to say on the matter. Reading her is always a boost to my own epistolary endeavors.

    1. La! I have both books. I agree with you about the value of Shepherd's wisdom and inspiration.

      Thank you.