Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm Still KISSing

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

KISSING is easier than the Texas Two-Step. This keep-it-simple-sister template, made from an envelope size I am fond of, requires less paper than the plastic template. You know the one. There's no telling how many envelopes I'll get from the 18 x 24 sheet I bought from Aaron Bros. a few years back. Or was it Texas Art Supply? Hmm. I forget. But TAS has these huge sheets hanging on wire from the ceiling like sheets on a clothesline. I do like good paper, don't you? 


  1. wow we must have been thinking the same thing when we wrote our posts talked about envies and so did I . this is twilight zone stuff honey and that is just plain hinkey and bajiggity ...LOL .Okay now onto the envies it is beautiful and I love birds . But I guess you already knew that ...guess who holds a place of honor on my shelf ...ding ding ding that wonderful mama toad you gave me while I was recovering from that awful bout of double pneumonia , the whole word looks disgusting does it not ? well great work as always . Hope you are enjoying some hot and sour soup and yes I tried it and I liked it ...actually loved it .

    1. GMSTA. I like to make bunches of envelopes. The next fun step is filling them with notes and letters and goodies.

      Bird lovers tend to flock together. :)

      Ah! The mama toad! She survived the move! Great. Her two babies miss her. They're delighted to know their ma helped you get well. :)

      I do like hot and sour soup. It's a wonderful substitute for faux chicken when one is too sick to cook. Glad you like it too.

    2. oh do you want me to send her back ? her babies miss her and that makes me sniffle ....I hate the fact that her babies miss her so badly . also guess what I saw this am ? a hummingbird came flying up to my sun room window and was gone in a flash but so good to know that we have a community of hummingbirds here . I can t wait to see my next one . wow .

    3. Goodness no. I miss my mama sometimes but I don't want to move to Dallas. LOL. Besides, they have each other for company.

      I don't know the last time I saw a hummingbird! You are blessed. My neighbor has a bottle brush tree and the neighbor next to her sees them all the time, while I never do. Hope you see more soon. :)