Thursday, May 14, 2015

¡Hola, Cuba!

Six letters and notecards were posted today. Yes, I drove all the way over to our post office on Park Row. I have visited two other post offices since my last visit to "our" own, because they seldom have enough of any one stamp--old or new. Even ordering online takes longer now. But hey, snail mail saved the day.

Sunlight pulled me from my perch in front of the window in the room where I write. First weak, then stronger, it pulled like a magnet. I grabbed my mail stack, my canteen, phone and keys, and it was off to the races. Ten minutes in . . . rain fell dropped. I drove out from under the cloud; all was dry by the time I parked. And, lo! there was mail. Good mail. Dream mail. 

I wished for a letter from Cuba after the president broke down the invisible wall that separated us. Perhaps I even mentioned it here? The mail fairies got busy, and here I am. I mean, here it is! I've seen this image before. The shawl is memorable. Alexis' family did a proper translation for me; my Spanish is weaker than moonshine is strong. Online translators said the same thing they did, but words often translate into more than they say on paper. It's like the dream I had when I took a nap. A nap! A siesta. I was lost in a huge hospital; elevators didn't work, there were dead ends, detours; the person I was with got lost . . . The images are quite clear, even now, but I don't know what they mean. 

This is just as interesting. According to the cancelation stamp, it took some time to cross the sky blue waters. The mark is stamped so hard it left an impression on the card within. I pored over my treasure. See? I know "CORREOS DE CUBA" means "Post office of Cuba."

The word-by-word translation is:

of; from

Thank you, dear Google.

Sincerely sincere,


Aha! I have the perfect postcard to send in return! 


  1. I work in the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago and that post office rarely has the current stamps I ask for! So maybe they don't stock the post offices so well anywhere? BUT, both post office ladies really like me, and I like them so it is a win/win overall. I try to be patient and kind even if I have to accept a different stamp. Funny, I had a postcard that for no particular reason, I thought one lady would like. So I brought it in for her and she LOVED it! It was a big hit, and thus began our happy acquaintance.

  2. Our post office sells more stamps than ever. We're still considered rural although we're anything but; I blame the news media for listing us as the number one place to raise a family a few years back. We ran out of post office boxes a long time ago.

    They order stamps conservatively. It works against them. I didn't think to ask why, since I was too dismayed to hear how local businesses gobble up new stamps by the hundreds, ahead of us little people.

    Smaller, out-of-the-way post offices have stamps you never imagined existed, but ordering online is easier. These gems are tucked away like silos in corn fields.

    I feel like Aunt Bee in Cheers when I walk into our post office. All the ladies in blue seem to know my name, and they speak no matter what. One is a James Avery charmer too, and we compare bracelets between conducting business! Sometimes customers forget they're simply people doing a job. I'd go nuts doing the same thing six days a week for years.

    Over the years I've delivered cup cakes from Ooh la la, and cakes from WFM. Some people wait until the last minute to mail their tax returns; it hurts the postal employees more than the IRS, so I try to brighten their stress peaks with sugar. LOL! They have long memories and sometimes they have to work without a/c for days at a time when it goes out; they have to ignore rudeness and hostility, the boredom, working when they are sick . . . Some are just plain mean stereotypical employees with job security. You'd think they had tenure at a university.

    A tip: Never let them think you prefer one over the other.

    Aww, you're sweet! She will never forget you. They seriously remember every little nice thing people do. May your relationship be long-lived and prosper. :)

  3. oh my how nice that you got something from Cuba and now you have really put my shorts in a knot LOL star trek memories really ? did you really watch star trek ? no I did not I was one of those kids who hated really. Well you keep moving and it will reward you my dear ....tootles sweet girl we shall talk again soon . Your sister from another planet signing off .

    1. Sister girl, untwist your shorties before they wrinkle permanently. Hurry! And yes, I watched Star Trek. The acting was awful, some of the props looked like I painted them in fifth grade, but I had such a crush on Spock. Intelligence was and still is a major turn-on for me. :)

      Captain Picard was a total commander. Avery Brooks made me want to obey him, and I wasn't even a cast member. Kate Mulgrew was not believable as captain, but she was a million times better and less laughable than Shatner. I've seen most of the movies, so you know I cringed when I saw Ricardo Montalban in that awful wig.

      Live long and prosper strong.