Friday, May 15, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust

How dare they? Who cares that it is a Houston landmark?

"According to the USPS, the following changes will occur:

"In January 2015, the Postal Service will change its First-Class Mail service standards, which will affect roughly 14 billion pieces of the total volume (or 9 percent) and up to 16 percent of First-Class Mail. The affected volume represents primarily single-piece First-Class Mail. 

Today, total First-Class Mail is delivered in an average of 1.8 days. When the new service standard changes are implemented, First-Class Mail will be delivered in an average of 2.1 days. The following will NOT be affected by the service standards change:
  • Packages

  • Medicine (those sent in any type of package form)

  • Standard Mail (the primary source of advertising mail)
More than 80 percent of consumers say that adding one delivery day to local and national mail would have "no effect" or it would be a "change (they) could easily adapt to," according to a study conducted by HSR Associates in June 2014 (HSR Associates sample size of 1,093, representative of the U.S. households based on demographics)."

(Well, it's happening. If you use the link, please read some of the comments at the end of the article.)

I am willing to bet those so-called "80 percent" do not write letters, notecards, or postcards; chances are they probably send family newsletters instead of tens of holiday cards at Christmas or for birthdays. Why didn't the USPS send questionnaires to every home via mail? They sampled the wrong demographics!

Interesting reviews here:

There are millions of people who still pay their bills via the USPS. Not everyone does it online. All the junk mail that comes to our boxes at a cheaper rate does what for the USPS?  What about business mail that pays the same rates we do? I give up. Maybe more letter-writers live in Katy? 

On a calmer, equally disappointing note:

I was sappy-happy to read this. Until I saw the e-mail address. Haha. Silly me. Why should I think someone from a newspaper would encourage students to write actual letters? No matter? Please, please, please read the comments! 

On to a sweeter note . . .

This is such good mail, don't you agree? The illustrations are better than good! The story has a proper beginning, middle and end. It is easy to read. I wrote a thank-you note because I am thankful for it. And a letter. I wrote a letter too.

Are you into the new coloring books for adults? Coloring makes our brain feel good; it makes us feel better than average. Drawing and coloring transports me to a good place, and I like it so much I feel better in the process. Would you buy an adult coloring book? If yes, what will you do with the pages and coloring books when they're finished? Wouldn't coloring stationery and envelopes achieve the same goal? 

I want to introduce you to our mail boxes. Our cluster boxes.

They're roughly ten years old.

They're misused and abused.

Claustrophobic, isn't it? See the piece of paper in the forefront? It bears our surname and house number. The name was misspelled for nine years before a mail carrier finally corrected it.  

Getting the key to work in the summer often means having to wait until evening when it's cooler. The clusters tilt toward the street, and the plastic doohickey heats up and slips just enough to prevent the key from fitting in the key hole, or it blocks the key from turning. 

Too many lovely neighbors stuff their junk mail into the big boxes meant to hold packages. Let the wind blow and there's paper everywhere. If your mail is mistakenly put in someone else's box, nine times out of ten it winds up opened, and then it's stuck between your front door and the door jam. Someone kindly rings the bell and runs. 

Three letters went out from me on this stormy, wet, lovely dove gray day. I used the cluster mail slot. My mail will be picked up tomorrow afternoon. There's no telling when it will reach you, oh beloved recipient.

All in all, it's been a _______ mail day.


Oh, never mind.

Write until your nib falls off.


  1. oh my goodness write until your nib falls off huh ? that conjurs up so many Images you would not believe ...I see your lovely mail boxes look like ours and yes they are just as bad the mail you received , take care and have a great day/evening . I pray you all don't get washed away as I see on the news most of this week . take care my dear .

    1. Should I have said "until your nibs rub down?" Wear away? I have fine markers that have no nibs. LOL! I ain't misbehavin' madam, you are.

      I set aside time to scan some of the lovely mail I've been blessed with, for show and tell, but the day was another dark and stormy one. I curled up with a book and fell asleep, twice. I missed the Rockets game but the storm was over when I woke, and the sun showed itself for a few minutes, just before sundown. It's been an odd day but my daughter assured me that we all have such days. There's always tomorrow.

      We are grateful for your prayers. There's hardly any evidence of the rain that's poured down on us, except for the mini pools and puddles in the back yard; it runs down the sides of houses, over the sidewalks, and into the storm drains; just not fast enough by our reckoning. I am grateful. Wish I'd bought rain barrels when they were less expensive. :)

      Be well.

    2. oh my I feel like my fingers have been swatted by sister carol marie LOL . well get well dear .

    3. Why? I was spared nuns with rulers. Do tell.

  2. Oh I just love the mail you received from David. So adorable and cute. As for adult coloring books, yes, I would buy them. Heck, I even buy childrens coloring books for myself.

    1. Sorry! Her name is Davia. I should have said so. I will tell her what you said. Every artist needs to hear such critiques. :)

      Well, adult coloring books seem to be popular now. Pages are available for download on Flow's blog and a number of others. I do buy crayons for myself, and give coloring books to the children I know. I say, "color on." Thanks for your comment.

  3. Davia sends the very best kind of mail.

    Your neighbors open the mail that is misdirected to them?? UGH!

    1. Yes ma'am. But only credit card statements and the likes. I always check before I open mail. If it's a neighbor's I return it to the out slot. It never returns. UGH!

    2. Davia is a wonderful pen friend. I'm so lucky!