Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Day that Keeps on Giving

Surprise! It's still raining. Mother Nature just keeps on giving us water. She must know something we don't. 

Surprise! Limner gets another Mother's Day gift. The door bell sounded. I thought it was Alexis. He gave me a LEGO figurine the other day. He changes out body parts on a whim, so I figured he'd come to add on or take away. No. It was a delivery truck. The only evidence of it's arrival and departure--a package strategically placed to protect it from the rain. 

Oh, I am in love with the whomever came up with this: 

your gift 
a surprise
unwrap your present before opening the envelope. 

I obeyed, grinning all the while.

So much for reusing the sheet of pretty red paper. No matter, there is enough for a perfect idea. I try to keep just enough gift paper to include with a journal entry.

Surprise! I didn't see this coming since Erin's initial gift arrived the day before Mother's Day! I almost bought this myself. Two days ago she sent me one of the loveliest gifts of all: A screen shot of comments left by friends who liked my MD drawing! The very idea that she thought enough of their opinions to share them with me makes me love her even more, if that's possible  Validation is a wonderful thing, but it is especially vital to insecure shy artists. Perhaps to every artist.

I wish you could touch the cover--simply close your eyes, and gently skim your fingertips across the surface--front and back. The illusion plays tricks on your senses!

Surprise! The stamps I ordered finally made it home. The international postage has finally grown on me. 

Heck. I even surprised myself. I bought three of these from the Ace Hardware post office yesterday. I like that place. When I cross the threshold I inhale deeply, check the table directly in front, step to the right and make a slow circuit to the post office. 

I find curious little things I have not seen since I was a girl, curious new things, and at least one thing I absolutely have to buy before I leave. Yesterday it was the same gift for three of my littlest ex-pen friends. I'd show you since they're so cute, but I want the little 'uns to see them first--not that they read my posts, but it's the right thing to do. Whoa. The sky has gone inky, and there's distant thunder rolling closer. 

If you have a copy of The Art of the Handwritten Note, please read page 30. Number 6 encouraged me to dive into my current project: If you like to surprise people, write with sparkles or silver on black. Too bad I did't read it earlier when I was in my black envelope phase. Not that it's over, I just need to restock. So go ahead and use sparkly and silver inks. Surprise is an element that ignites delight. I often surprise myself though, and did just that last night, when I did this.

Stay tuned for more. It is a project that's close to my heart. I love art! Creating portraits is a secret passion I cannot indulge in now. Surprised? Because no one will model for me any more? Ha! You reckon? We shall see.

I was surprised shocked to see this. Are you? Guess who?

It's pouring rain now. There's flooding. A man was swept up and away. I did not go to the post office again today. Surprised? Mail is stacking up. Even as I write. Perhaps it is time to draw for a spell.

Don't act out. Write it out.


  1. wonderful new post I love it ,,,,thanks and now you have given me many ideas .

    1. Gracias. De nada. Good ideas, si, señora?

  2. oh my what a pretty book it looks like fun ....enjoy that erin sure knows what you like huh ??? she should though cause how many letters do you send to her in a week or a month , yep kids should know their mother like Erin knows you . Oh well love and treasure that gift .