Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"You Have to Be Well to Cope with Being Ill"

I have lists on top of lists of blogs I must read. I follow good blogs like birds followed Hansel and Gretel, gobbling up the good words left in the wake of bloggers, like bread crumbs. I am also a collector of quotes, therefore I am thankful for cut and paste because I can copy goodies on the fly and save for later. I do most of my blog post reading when I cannot sleep, or am confined to bed. I often forget to leave comments but I leave with food for thought. Sometimes a post generates a letter because my comments are too long. I need to thank John Edwards for this gem: "You have to be well to cope with being ill." I borrowed it from Scriptor Senex's blog. (http://scriptorsenex.blogspot.com) Scriptor Senex means "old writer." I Googled the quote and discovered a book! The Sickroom in Victorian Fiction: The Art of Being Ill. What happened to taking care of yourself, or being taken care of when you are ill? We don't do that any more. We work when we are sick, expose others to our illness, and some of us have the nerve to drop dead at work. How sad.

The quote stimulated a happy part of my brain. It made me sit up straighter. It made me put both feet flat on the floor instead of favoring my left side. And, it made me grin. It's responsible for this post. I know my posts aren't all about letters or mail, but neither am I. My life is filled with stuff, and things, and thoughts, and . . . stuff. Stuff I'd share with my girlfriends. If I could. Today, I'd tell about my annual physical and how emotional it was. My doctor was very kind. She's a pretty good handler too. She calls me on stuff I wish she'd let me slide on. Since she doesn't, I promised to see a new spine specialist, and I promised to buy a new blood pressure machine. I'm going to do more of the things I enjoy, deal with stress in a better way, and revel in being well enough to cope with any illness I fall prey to. I won't get a pneumonia shot though.

So. One thing I enjoy is sharing. If I could, I would buy one of these for everyone in my address book. But, since B&N had the one box, I'll show and tell. I hope you will want a box too.

Ta da! Here it is. Such a lovely little thing.

You know I thought of you Jane Austen lovers the moment I saw this! I wish I could send this, but there's only one.

Dear Emily.

Invisible? I know how he felt.

I read this when I was so young and naive. Must read it again, along with Dumas and the likes.

Don't you just admire the penmanship? That E borders on being elegant, right? Makes one wonder why it wasn't finished.

When I was a girl, I whispered "Zora Neale" out loud to myself. I liked the way it sounded. Not Zora, but ZoraNeale. One word.

And then there's Virginia. 

There are 30 cards and envelopes in the set of "Card Catalog" notecards. There should be more. There's enough space for twice the number. I wish I had two boxes. One to use, one to keep. I want Mark Twain . . . Oops! He's in there. Hiding in plain sight as Samuel Clemens. Samuel Langhorne Clemens, thank you kindly. 

I'll show you my first note tomorrow--all addressed and stamped. I'll show you something else that's new too. Tomorrow. I have to get up and move around a bit because I need to stay well to cope with getting better. I'm not ill. I just need a new thyroid gland. And some other stuff. (Like more butt.)

Be well. 

Write on.

P.S. Thank you, Scriptor Senex. I enjoy your blogs.


  1. oh my I hate when you are ill and cant seem to sleep . I have so been that way . You were with me in spirit and in letters when I was going through double pneumonia which by the way we nailed down to catching it in the nursing home I went to visit my husbands aunt in . Yes folks wear a mask if you visit a nursing home and prevent sickness if you can . Wash your hands several times when you get home as well . well now my dear limner I hope you fare better and I agree with your choice not to take the pneumonia shot I will no longer take it either and I don't get a flu shot either . No flack for that please .Take care my dear Limner and stay well .

    1. It's almost as bad as being ill, isn't it? LOL. I'm sorry you were exposed to pneumonia when you were visiting the sick.

      I understand about the "no flack please" because I've never had a flu shot either.

      Being confined to bed is a good reason to catch up on mail backlogs, as long as germs do hitch a ride. :) If one is too ill to write, then common sense prevails. Relieving stress on my spine by reclining is always a good reason to catch up on mail instead of whining and complaining. Right? See? You can teach an old limner new tricks. ;) Be well.

    2. oh yes and you can teach an old cat new tricks as well LOL ....yes I vote no flack there are many reasons why I no longer get those shots and one of them was a nurse told me that she did not even know everything that was in them , I must say I did a step back on that one . remind me to tell you that one sometime thanks and takecare .

    3. I might need someone to remind me to remind you! :)

      Be well.