Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thirteen Letters

 thirteen |ˌTHərˈtēnˈTHərˌtēn
cardinalnumberequivalent to the sum of six and seven; one more than twelve, or seven less than twenty; 13: thirteen miles away | a rise of 13 percent | thirteen of the bishops voted against the motion.(Roman numeral: xiiiXIII• a size of garment or other merchandise denoted by thirteen.• thirteen years old: two boys aged eleven and thirteen.

The number 13 is often associated with bad luck by some. I have 13 letters, notecards, and postcards waiting to be mailed. Am I lucky, or what? Being able to communicate from the comfort of my easy chair, or the bed, is a lot like love--it's a wonderful thing. Too bad I cannot drive to the post office or walk to our mail box, besides, most of the envelopes are too thick to fit through the out-going mail slot. So some of you will have a mini mail flood on your hands once I am up and driving again.


Fatima goes to the mail box for me each afternoon. Thanks for the good mail. I look forward to opening my post office box soon. Great expectations fill my imagination and the letter gods look down on me and command, "Make it rain!" And a mini mail shower spills from my box. 

I have much to share, show and tell, and demonstrate. There are things to scan as soon as I can. Two boxes of goodness are on the way. Oh, I can wait. A new oblique pen with nibs, and ten jars of calligraphy ink were delivered less than an hour ago. The order from Eggpress made it home last week, as well as the enamel cup with the No. 7 I coveted. It's green instead of white, but I can live with that. The lovely ladies at Eggpress rewarded patience in a very special way. I'll show and tell you all about it when I am capable. Convalescing has its perks. You get to do some of the things you're normally too busy to engage in. There's time to practice things that require practice. Practice sounds much better than repetition, don't you think? You don't have to watch day time television! You can sharpen as many BlackWing pencils as you want, since you'll need them to draw all the hilarious opiate-fueled funnies that flash behind your eyes. You're happy to laugh because the pain is finally cringing and huddling in the farthest corner away from you! Oh happy day!
I have time to catch up on the blogs I follow. There's time to become acquainted with new ones as well. Here's just one new link that's worth a click. The world is a sea of talent.

I came across this little bottle of walnut ink hidden inside a night stand drawer last night. If ink crystals age like whiskey, let me tell you, this will be primo. It's old.

This 7gypsies walnut ink is so-o-o old. How old is it? Why, it's so old the label has lost most of its adhesive. It took over 11 years.

The crystals are so old the cute little bottle cost a mere $3.99 and I thought that was expensive! Should I use it? Save it? I know! Draw 13 cartoons, or write 13 more letters. Seven gypsies drove up a hill . . . One fell down, and landed on Dr. Phil.  
April's Total: 44 + 13 = 57 notecards, postcards, letters so far.


  1. wow lady you really can rack up some mail huh ? that is awesome glad you are convalesing better than most . I would be itching to get up and do something which says bad on me LOL ...yes that ink is old and I would love to see how it writes after all that time . Oh well guess we will hear soon how it faired .take care sweet peace is wished upon you .. im re reading the bully pulpit by doris kearns Goodwin . I think you would like it I broke down and bought a used copy from amazon . In general I really like amazon for used books most of them I have been immensely pleased with and here is another one I think you would like if you have not read it . "a state of wonder " by anne patchet and for the most part I really like her books . Im also a history buff so maybe that s why I liked the bully pulpit so much . Do you ever watch the tv show Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck ? I do think he favors teddy Roosevelt , the older he gets . Just look at the picture in his office if you watch the show . Oh well I have rattled on long enough and get well soon my dear .

    1. My friend, I learned my lesson the hard way. The article about actively participating in getting better makes sense. There are times when "be still" is the best thing anyone can do; I enjoy staring at the ceiling less than whining, and being alone means having to listen to myself. I got over that really fast. :) Now, I get to do all the things I love: reading, writing, drawing, making envelopes and postcards, practicing calligraphy, reading blogs . . . Stationary pursuits are just as fulfilling as gardening, cleaning, cooking, driving, shopping, etc.. I get to do all the good things without an ounce of guilt. That's the best thing next to getting better. :)

      Thanks for the good thoughts. Good will to others is a good thing for the sender as well. I can tell you're enjoying your new hometown. May you never lose your happy.

      I am not familiar with either book. Not much beats a good read, right?

      No, I am not a Blue Bloods fan. I have not been a Select fan since his Hawaiian show. I'll have to check him out to see if he looks like TR. LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by. Are you still blogging?

      Be well.