Thursday, April 30, 2015

Texas Hold 'em

I added another four handwritten communications to the fourteen from yesterday's tally for a grand total of sixty-two. This is my version of Texas hold 'em. I have to hold my mail until JC makes a Saturday mail run for me. There will be more before, like maybe sixty-four, since April does not end until midnight, plus I still have maybe nine more letters to answer. There's no rush so I will answer at my leisure. At my leisure. Sounds like a line from "Mr. Selfridge."

Practice pays off. In increments. I try hard to work an oblique pen like a pro. Yes, I have miles to go. But it's fun. Imagining awesome envelopes is just the motivation I need.

The pane of Wilt stamps is no more. They were put to good use, and the full shot photo found the perfect place to score. It's a perfect fit for the back of an envelope that holds a notecard to my brother. The notecard is from Eggpress. I forgot to take a picture of the front! Sorry.

And there's this. I remembered to take a photo of the new postcards I made from a photo of the Native American "Ghost Dancer" named Elvis. Okay. I remembered to take a photo of the program that inspired me to make a Ghost Dancer postcard. The star's given name is John Keel. Elvis/John signed my program that day and we chatted like we knew each other. Mine was his first autograph! The sweet guy didn't get why someone would want his John Hancock. I hope he's signed thousands since then. He posed for photos too, and I painted . . . I almost painted him in this same pose. Maybe it will show up some day and I can show off how well I almost painted Elvis.

I also have some awesome photos of another dancer in her snuff lid dress. The sounds the dancers made were like . . . Oh! The word eludes me now, but I think of jingle bells when I think of the dancers. Anyway, the women roll the tin lids from snuff containers into ice cream cone shapes, and attach them to their buckskin dresses. They jingle when they move. The beadwork alone was fantastical enough, but the light reflected by the tin lids, the sounds, the music and movement was entrancing! The rhythm of the drummers matched my heartbeat, and I know my blood pressure and pulse slowed just enough to hypnotize the audience. Or just me? The entire experience was soothing. The burning sage had nothing to do with it. I ate fry bread. And something else but I don't remember what it was.

BTW, Elvis and the snuff lid dancers are from the Kituwah (ki-doo-wah) that's held in Asheville, NC. My last visit was in 1992 but I found two of the programs from 1991 and 1992 couple of weeks ago. Postcards! Another version of Texas hold 'em, right? I know how to hold on to things I know are worth holding on to. 

Make postcards. Write on.

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