Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday's Muse

Here's hoping you had a wonderful holiday.  There never seemed to be enough time to finish my Easter/Passover greeting, but I tried.  Pretend not to notice the drawing on the next page. Ghosting is gauche.

If at first you don't succeed . . . Start over. And don't color the tree grape, or cover the grape with brown. Do finish the rabbit wearing the bee antenna headband, and the basket of eggs. Pay attention to the green for the leaves! Make a bee look like a bee. Color the egg beneath the bird's tail feathers. Better yet, leave well enough alone and walk away when you should. It was too late for Easter/ Passover/Spring postcards anyway. I had such good intentions too. And I really wanted at least one red colored egg. We never had red when I was still dyed eggs with young Erin. It was pastels or nothing. Then Auntie Stas taught us about Polish eggs. The only ones with even a speck of red were wooden though. I do wish I'd finished the rabbit. 

There are so many things I gotta tell you, but my new Monday muse is Write_On. Penfriend P, have you used yours? The gifts, I mean. Mine came in today's mail. 

Say hello to my little Starter Kit. 

Said Starter Kit contains four cards, four envelopes, a green Gelly Roll metallic pen . . .

. . . and promotional stickers. I keep a supply of the Micron pens on hand for writing and drawing. Their white Gelly Rolls are the best ever.

Letterpress is best! This little thank-you is for "joining us in writing 30 meters in 30 days!" A note is not a letter, but who's nitpicking? The message on back of the notecards are sweet--totally worthy of a read and nod. Check out the wicked creativity here:

Free is the best advertising ever, but I've already chosen way too many several give-myself-gifts. Soon. Very soon. I already know you're on board! I do believe in helping creative-artistic-genius mothers. Women are the mothers of a lot of necessities. So. Find the "Social Preparedness Kit!" Ya gotta like it! 

All the lovely stamps strewn around grab my eye like I'm finding Waldo! Aw, y'all have got to explore both sites. Honest. Would I steer you wrong? All those colors are so soothing and inspirational. 'Tis the pastel season after all! We all need a reason to write on, so if pretty paper isn't reason enough . . . then I don't know what to tell you.

The tear-away notes! Oh, yes. I need those too. Don't forget the Write_On envelopes! Buy, buy, buy! And write on, and on, and on! One a day keeps the doldrums at bay. Ready? Get set. Order!

My Monday came with a whole bunch of muses, but some will have to wait for the morrow. Just you wait and see.


  1. Am i the Penfriend P? Because yes, I did get the pen and cards -- aren't they delightful? And I also got a letter from you in your amazingly beautiful handwriting. We thank you.

    1. Yes indeedy, Penfriend Pamela you are. A starter kit is a great way to kick off a spring letter-writing campaign. Thank you, again.

      Only a letter? What, no b'day gifts???

      You are welcome.

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful Monday mine went to crap really quickly . here is why , I was standing in the line for the movies , now mind you I have not been to a movie in ages and I was dying to see "woman in gold with Helen Mirren whom I love by the way really good actress . Now stands this woman in front of me and she has about 5 kids with her and she pitched a fit when she found out she had to pay for the kids they were all under 6 . she stomped her feet and demanded to see the manager and they explained to her that she had to pay for the kids and she said no they are all under 6 and they are supposed to get in free not quite sure how she came to that but really what is it with some of the younger generation ? I know things are different now but really . I think it is the give me give me that our government doles out and they get the entitlement attitude that people owe them things .I was never given anything and I worked for everything I have . I don't understand people not wanting to work for things ugh .....

    1. I don't remember the last movie I saw in a theatre. It's easier watching from home. The last time we went to a movie as a family, a teen behind us kept farting. Babies screamed. People talked and walked like they were at home. I had to take the elevator because I used a cane post-op, and needed assistance. Was annoyed the entire time, so decided watching a movie a few weeks after its initial release on a big screen at home was better all around.

      Did you enjoy the movie? I like Helen Mirren movies. I especially liked the police series she starred in.

      Btw, the government doles out our tax dollars. Our tax dollars pay politicians salaries. I don't mind helping people in need. America did away with the poor house, debtors prisons, work houses, child labor etc., with money citizens worked for. Native Americans gave the first welfare to settlers. If politicians worked for the money they get from us . . . Well, perhaps there would be fewer people in need. Remember what the greatest giver in the world reminded us not to forget? He said the poor will be with you always. He told us to look after the widows and orphans, and by "the poor" he meant the poor in spirit, the intellectually poor, the morally poor, etc.. Besides, every government has funds for the poor and needy. We were all created equal but many have fallen short; some of the wealthy "entitled" have robbed . . . Never mind. :)

      Is "The Woman in Gold" worth the wait?