Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Linc'd In

Mr. Lincoln was shot 150 years ago today. I did a double-take when I read that. It doesn't seem that long ago, perhaps because I know what it feels like to live through and deal with uncensored emotions that flood a soul when it hears that a president has been an assassinated. I remember feeling afraid. If a president can be killed . . . 

Do you remember where you were when you learned of Kennedy's assassination? I do. I was in grade school. We watched in silence in the music room after our principal came to tell us the horrible news. We were allowed to watch just enough of the live coverage on television to prove it was true. 

National Geographic's feature of Lincoln offers a fresh view of the event in their latest issue. Putting a new slant an a 150 year old story isn't always easy, but the magazine succeeded. I hope you will read their efforts.

Did you know that? I didn't. "Lincoln's personal secretary, John G. Nicolay, described 'the long gamut of expression from grave to gay, and back again from the rollicking jollity of laughter to that serious, far-away look that with prophetic intuitions beheld the awful panorama of war, and heard the cry of oppression and suffering." 

I've dreamed of sitting on his lap since seeing that stone effigy of the great emancipator. The lap of the Lincoln statue! The head of CSI: Cyber likes to sit on the steps that lead to the same statue when she has thinking to do. It seems like a lot of trouble when she can get a giant poster from Fat Head, hang it on a wall, and sit on the floor in front of it. She'd leave a smaller carbon foot print, huh?

Another secret: I've watched Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, at least nine times. I scoffed at the very low brow idea of any low life director who had the effrontery to reduce our Lincoln to the status of a comic book character. I did hard eye rolls upon reading about the improbable idea of such a movie, and watched it the first time on a night when insomnia held me hostage. The cinematography was arresting, so you know I had to watch that movie over and over again in order to comb every scene to feed my artistic curiosity, right?

Here's one of those many photos. I like. Cool cut, huh?

Just as cool!

I share with you one of my older first attempts at mail art rediscovered just last week when I worked yet again to restore order to my creative spaces. I'd forgotten April 15 was the anniversary of Lincoln's death until I read the news this morning. He was shot on April 14. I went right out and bought Lincoln stamps this afternoon. 

I seldom visit the post office twice in a week, but I did. I had mail! More cweet mail! 


Henceforth there will be such 
a oneness between us--
that when one weeps
the other will taste salt."
__Author unknown

Thank you phonelady! What a lovely postcard. Longfellow wrote a similar declaration. GMTA? 

Such a simple thing as putting my name on an envelope is as spectacular as being on stage, or having my name in stage lights. This lovely envelope makes me look stellar! Thank-you letterman, Randall. You rock. I like! And, yea, you're onboard! 

Yes! Yes! And yes! Dreams do come true! I got a red egg! Thank you, Randall. LOL! I laughed delightfully delightedly when I saw it in my mail box, and I'm laughing now. 

Stay tuned . . .


  1. im so glad you liked the postcard and so glad you also liked the pose written on the front . Im headed to the library this weekend so we shall see what I hunt down LOL .

  2. Well, now that I am in my 50's, a hundred and fifty really does not seem all that long ago. Perspective. That's what I'm getting with age. I can only imagine the presidency was as difficult back then as it now. Ages those presidents pretty quickly. Don't give up on me. I haven't written much lately but I'm saving it up! :-)

    1. Hey! :) I'm not good at keeping count, so don't you do it either since I owe you mail. LOL! I try to keep up with you challenge wise, but page one of my draw-a-day book and journal is still blank. I enjoy reading your posts! They do inspire me . . . to WRITE more letters this month! :D So thank you.

      I'm learning new things too. I need to work on perspective and patience. See? Maybe I should . . . Learning to be mindful takes a lot of time and effort. I should put all this in a letter, yes? And so I shall. Soon.

      I cannot imagine how Lincoln managed since he suffered from melancholia. He ages and seems to be revitalized, then ages again, over and over in the Nat' Geo photos. Some wonder how our nation would have changed had he lived longer. The same was wondered about Kennedy's legacy.

      Please don't worry about writing when you don't. I write best when I have something to say. I'm the same with leaving comments. There are times when I am so moved by a photo or a post that I'm left speechless, or I can't think of words to leave as "payment" for what I've seen/read that moved me. Other times I write too much. Like now.

      I'm going to rent me a grand to spend time with. ;) Write on.

  3. Yes I am also one of those who think what our world would be like now if Kennedy had lived longer as well . Most likely very different I would like to think .At least maybe some of that we were or are not supposed to know and I will leave it at that and bid you adieu ...

    1. You are really something else! LOL. If we don't wonder aren't things likely to remain the same? Try to imagine how different our lives would be without all the "I wonder, what if, and what could/would."

      For instance, I wonder what poverty would look like in America today if Johnson hadn't given the public better social services and assistance. Where would we be without Roosevelt and Social Security? I watched Sunday's episode of Call the Midwife and a lot of what ifs followed me into this Wednesday. What ifs make us better people; inventors are led by what ifs . . . Would we have had this exchange had I not mentioned the question asked by the writer who awakened my "what if" about Lincoln and Kennedy? Adieu to you too. Have a wonderful Wednesday. :)

  4. i hope the something else was meant in a good way cause I guess I am something else . I saw alec Baldwin on the news this morning saying how dare these people protest and block and snarl up traffic it is bad enough in new York without all of this mess of protesting , really does he really think that way ? No what about if people never protested anything how would anything change ? Honestly some people Baldwin especially never seem to think and reflect . Im sad for them for that .

    1. LOL! See what I mean? Of course the something else was meant in a good way, but you're not shy about asking.

      I am not a fan of the Baldwins, so he's not on my news radar. :) Perhaps he needs the attention? No matter, you tell him about himself, woman! I'm off to the post office.

  5. oh my goodness my dear LImner I love you I truly do .. Hope it was a wonderful mail day ... do share if something good comes your way .

    1. Well I love you too! The mail gods must have heard you because I've gotten some really good mail. Thank you!

      I have plans to set aside a day for scanning. Soon. I'm on a roll at the moment and am reluctant to put the brakes on. :) And, I've been busy with paper, scissors, glue, markers and other good stuff. Hope you're basking in sunlight and a leisurely pace.