Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Do Judge A Book By Its Cover

The copy I ordered arrived yesterday. Oh happy day! Perhaps it was day before yesterday. It was. I ordered it on April 12. It showed up on April 14. I ordered my Social Preparedness Kit and another item on April 6. The invoice says First Class delivery takes 1-3 days.  I've scheduled my week around it since packages are left on the door step. Up until last night my order was still in the state of origin. It's been hung up since April 9. Today, an e-mail from the source informed me that First Class takes up to 14 days. Now the tracking number has mysteriously disappeared. Cannot shake my head any harder over this one.

I'll share with you several of many reasons why I bought a copy of Molly Suber Thorpe's exciting book. You know this is a motivator, right? This page alone is a grand reason to get your own copy if you don't already have one. This little link is like buttercream frosting on a slice of carrot cake from The Black Walnut!

There's magic at Pushing the Envelopes! I promise.

Apologies for the poor quality, but perhaps it will inspire you to examine this gem of a book up close and personally. 

Your imagination has to work double time here. The brown on brown is exquisite and beautiful and delicious. Oh, see for yourself! Please, please, please? What's in the little square bottle is a new discovery waiting to happen.

These are gems on the actual page. The colors remind me of the Ralph Lauren commercial where he designs a stunning necklace, blouse and a skirt I'd sell most of my books to buy, if I were 7 feet tall and willowy like young sapling.

I am quite curious over this toothpaste tease. And why mint? How can toothpaste be a necessary part of calligraphy? I guess I'll know soon enough.

This is so beautiful you have to see it for yourself. Words fail me on this one. I want that pitcher, except I want a 7 on mine.

For real!

Speaks for itself, huh? Enough said.

You knew there would be how-tos, right?

And then there is this. If a child can, then yes, we can too. So, do judge a book by its cover after the pages within confirm your instinct. Perhaps she is preparing her parents' tax forms? He?

Do write on. In a new, bold, even more artistic way. Stun the USPS employees! Stun yourself.


  1. I think btwn you and me we have probably stunned the usps people plenty of times especially when you inspired me to deco my envies . and I got the emma hooper book today and I will start reading it tomorrow . I m doing a lot of other things too so I will make time for this book .

    1. For sure we have. LOL!

      Oh, goody! I hope it's an interesting read. It's on my list but there are at least 6 or 7 titles ahead of it. Enjoy!

  2. the book is awful I disliked it very much time to move on and look at some other ones I might enjoy better .

    1. But what makes it awful? Why did you dislike it so much? A critic must tell why they like or dislike a thing. Remember how I finally "almost" liked "The Goldfinch" but you didn't even come close? Our literary tastes do differ from time to time. I just read excerpts and it doesn't sound bad. Slow maybe, but not bad.

      You're a fast reader! I'm struggling--torn between reading and creating and gardening and shaking the cobwebs off my cameras. What will you read next?

    2. I think I will read either the pecan man or the one about the lowry park zoo in tampa florida where I used to live . The reason the book was so bad was because it seemed like the writer kept repeating things . also there was not much mentioned after the third or fourth chapter about the letter . The letters were just sort of left in the air . I hope I explained that well enough .

    3. Not familiar with either of those. Peter Matthiessen's "In Paradise" guts me when I least expect it, but it's a decent book. "Ruby" is rough, raw and painful, and I have to force myself to meet the author's words head-on. Reading "Ruby" is not for the faint of heart. I put aside "The Swan Gondola" and "The Book of Strange New Things," hoping the weird smell would air itself out.

      I appreciate your review but want to ask a question that might reveal too much, so I won't since I can live quite well without knowing the answer. :)

      Read on.