Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Day, Another Letter

So, yesterday was about not feeling well, declaring there's hope for me yet, and wanting you to know in case mail slows down on this end. We want friends and family to know when we're not feeling well. Well, maybe no always. I remember when I was the only one to return from my birthday trip to Mexico with parasites one year. Lordy-lord! I didn't even want my doctor to know! I thought he'd say, "I told you so!" 

Yesterday, I learned a lot from the new good doctor without him having to say a single word. I learned that he does not need, or use tongue depressors, nor cotton balls. He gives injections though; the round balls, and what look like ladyfingers in a jar are merely for atmosphere--or artistic license on my part. So, surely he has to use prepackaged alcohol swabs, which are major wastes IMHO. I know about the injections because he warned me that I should get used to the idea of being on the receiving end of a needle or two in the near future. And, that's meant to be me on that table--swinging my left foot. The stool is merely another prop since the good doctor sat in a chair, as I did, once I bounced down off that paper-covered table, and no, I did not have to undress. I simply had to raise my top and lower the waist band of my yoga pants. Yoga pants. I have not practiced yoga since the early 90s. Just so you'll know. What else can one call yoga pants? Yogi Bear Pants? Well, no, since Yogi never wore pants. I do like me some clogs though. 

Show, don't tell. Right? The drawing looked better before I colored it. Is time to refill more of my favorite colors. Having the right markers might improve my drawings. We shall see. Hmm. I should have included some of the fish that swam out of my way, huh? No matter. It rained again. Today. I got wet again. Twice. It happened a second time when I walked to our cluster boxes. It felt like a rain cloud hung out just waiting for me to show up. Alack and a lass named Sass . . . Mail had to go out. My camera got wet too. Just a little. 

There were TWO letters in from Anna! I do like this illustration since it is so easy to imagine crickets, cicadas and frogs rehearsing! Oh, look at those red heels! Thank you, Anna, for brightening another pretty gray day. Thank you, everyone for the awesome colors you add to my day. Even your postage stamps stand out; some letters bear stamps that are new to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Remember this post over at  Cappuccino and Art? Pamela struck gold again.  Remember? No? Read on if you don't, and have a refresh if you have. 

I fell in love with the following images, and want to share them with the book lover in you. Pamela's post provided the perfect segue. Have a look--it won't take long.

What people won't do for a book or a letter! 

I wonder if he delivers mail too.

I wonder if they have pen pals.

I'd love this job!

These guys!

Think Dr. Who! For real!

I cannot imagine writing to everyone in my address book about this, and having to print the images over and over, having to cut them, write explanations about each, or scanning page after page to include with a note or letter, but an open letter allows me to share. I wrote to Pamela about her library sale, wishing . . . See? One great post is inspiration for a letter about something wonderful I read in the simple things. (God, I hope it's the right 'zine.) And, to quote Charles Barkley, "I may be wrong but I doubt it."

In closing, I ask, Have you read about If yes, why didn't you tell me? And if you haven't, now's as good a time as any to do it. Then, after you're done, write another letter for today's quota, 'cause tomorrow's another day.

I'm off to make lamb stew! Not ewe! Stew!


  1. oh my did the dr say why the injections ? or maybe you don't want to tell okay if you don't I understand . I hate drs myself because everytime I go they relay bad news LOL . Oh well my dear lady get well , get well soon .

    1. Oh! Nothing serious. Possibly Vitamin C! I am an adult whose five year old self still hears her uncle EJ tell her parents about a girl who ran in the middle of a vaccination, and the needle broke off in her arm. These many years later it just dawned on me that he was lying! LOL! He probably made it up because I was a runner. My arms were so thin I just knew the needle would poke through exactly like my sister warned it would.

      Thanks for the "get well." Living without a thyroid gland is hard.

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  3. Hope you feel better soon. I just went to my Rheumatologist on Thursday and he suggested I swith to injections, which I quickly replied no. I think I'll make the most of my situation as is.

    Also, your beautiful envelope of FLOW paper arrived in my mailbox today. That was a really nice surprise. Thank you so much. I will put it to good use.

    1. Thank you. Not feeling so tired will be a boon, and not being in pain almost every day will be a blessing. What is your alternative to injections? My grandmother spent most of my childhood and all of my adult life in a wheel chair because of rheumatoid arthritis. Her stamina amazed me. She lived to be 95. I hope stem cell research will soon be a cure for you and others.

      Yea! I'm glad you like my offerings. Creative activities are often distractions from discomforts for me. I'm sure you will make those FLOW bits shine. :)

      Be well.

    2. Oh my ladies JarieLyn and Limner please be well I will say a prayer for both of you . I have fibro I finally got a dx from a dr here . She said she can tell I had been in pain for years and my asthma is finally under control I am happy to report . For the first time in years I am pain free and living well for now .

    3. I am so happy for you! I'm happy for the diagnosis! Bless your heart. Knowing what's wrong is a load off all by itself. Glad your asthma is under control as well. Now you can shine brighter! :) Be well. Thanks for sharing the good news.