Monday, April 13, 2015

A Little Show with Less Telling

This is one of my favorite envelopes. They crave white ink and secrets. I do try to accommodate. 

Remember Hi-Fructose Magazine? Well, I took a page from the current issue and turned the Bjork photo into an imperfect envelope. 

The flap side. 

Tell me you watch the show that created #JeffWeCan. It will save me from telling you about this sick lung in boots, spurs, Stetson and General Custer gloves. Sigh.

The ink spots? No pun intended but I made a mess. Humidity does strange things to the inks in my life.

This has to be the longest stamp in postal history. It's only fitting, right?

There are five letters in all but since I could not disguise the recipient's address, I tactfully replaced it with these ladies from Flow. Don't they remind you of the ladies from Downton Abbey and Selfridge's? 

As far as the one-a-day letter/card challenge, I'm ahead of the tally. What's your score? How about a little show and tell? 

Happy mail to you. 

8:41 P.M.  P.S.

I forgot to show-and-tell-you about this. Naturally the cover caught my eye. I'd read the review some Sundays back, so of course I didn't remember what the story's about. But I remember liking something about the potential between the begin and end page. Thank goodness for teasers. I wish I might be as brave as Etta, but common sense reminded me that it's all fiction; so hooey and yea both. Etta does write a letter to Otto, and that's what matters. Have you read it? The book. Think you might? I might. Right after I finish the one I'm working on finishing, along with the five or six I've started, or the new one I started today. I am so busy with the eternal three Rs: reading, 'riting, and 'rawing.


  1. I have this book on my hold list at the library and Im hoping it is good .thanks for letting me know that you will read it . take care

    1. GMTA! I might wait for the paperback version. Let me know if it's worth the read. I have another book for you now that I have your address.

  2. oh how wonderful I love the books you send me ...of course I will let you know I also want to read the sequel to 'kill a mockingbird " yep it is out and harper lee wrote it and she is a fave of mine as well .

    1. I hope you'll like this one.

      I cannot help but wonder how Harper Lee could not have allowed the sequel to be printed before now. There are those who persist in thinking someone else wrote Mockingbird. What do you think?

      I know someone who has a new puppy named Scout. :) I sure hope Watchman lives up to the hype. Let me know what you think after you read it. :)