Friday, April 10, 2015

3 Secrets You Won't Read In The Mail

I had an adventure today. I think it's fair for me to say I had several adventures all rolled into one. I'll get there in a little while but I want to offer you a list of reasons not to read this post, or the one before it since . . . Oh heck. Forget the preamble about my constitution and read on. (Lovely link provided for your ease.) 

There are dozens of reasons to write or not write, but most of us don't need a reason beyond keeping in touch. That's doesn't mean some don't need a little help, and I like most a lot of the reasons on some carefully edited lists. But. And it's a big but . . . Never mind. I do know people who write haikus. (sigh) Okay, maybe not since there are intricate rules to writing the little devils. Oh heck, again! Jimmy Fallon is writing a thank-you note about the Maya Angelou mess-up. Did you watch? Fallon probably offers more reasons to write something, slip it in an envelope, and put a stamp on it than any comedian I know. He should write a list! 

Moving on . . . Or backing up? Does it really matter? Well, I suppose it will since I'm breaking one of the biggest rules of letter writing. I'm about to tell you about how awful I've felt for months. I'm going to tell you that I saw one of the most interesting eccentric endocrinologists in Texas today. The best thing I'm going to say is this. He says I'll live. By the time he's through I won't be so tired, fatigued, irritable, in pain from hair to heels, or plagued with a lot of other annoyances that affect every moment of my life. 

Now. I left seven tubes of blood and a specimen cup of urine at the lab after our long drawn out meeting. I apologized for taking up so much of his time and he said, "I had nothing better to do this afternoon." His honesty was endearing and something else at the same time but I won't examine the something else in case I discover/decide it was . . . what? But anyway, the lab tech asked if I felt okay. Why? All that blood didn't come from my head, so . . . Perhaps I paled? I get it! I winced every time she inserted a new tube to fill, because she shoved the needle in a little farther each time. It hurt, and I dislike hematomas. She was more gentle after that. 

I had to wrestle with that urine cup. Clean catch mid-stream specimens always give me problems, but today's was especially difficult once I read the how-to instructions on the wall. It's the first time I'd ever seen them in print. I laughed so hard I peed on my hand! I couldn't stop peeing. I think I peed on my pants! Okay, I did, but it was the waist band of my soft gray yoga pants that bore the evidence of my indignity. It wouldn't have mattered much since it was raining when I left the lab but I did not look back once between the exit, the lobby and the exit. Fat raindrops probably helped save my dignity, so I didn't even try to run to the car. 

The heavens opened wide seconds after I'd reached the car, and it rained so hard I couldn't hear the music on the radio. It rained so hard some drivers pulled over in parking lots to wait it out. It rained so hard I thought about doing it too. It can flood in Houston in ten minutes. It was somewhat better in Katy, but then the storm clouds caught up with me and it was on. And I liked it. The sky was beautiful! Why all those white clouds fell as hard and as intensely as the dark clouds is beyond my ken, but I was too grateful for the water to want it to stop, but it did well before I pulled into the garage. Katy is often left out of the rain drama. I am not complaining. I try to catch and save rain for the garden, potted flowers on the patio and houseplants . Okay, so this is where the weather part is here in this post. I often write on about our weather, and ask about your weather because it helps me get a feel for what your days might be like. Then lo! I read how important it is to write about the weather here: I read lots of interesting things about letters here. I hope you will too.

I did not make it to the post office for obvious reasons. No mail went out. It all returned home with me. Very little was written but every word counts. 

To whom much is given much is asked. I have the equivalent of a letter a day to answer. That's enough for one-a-day! I do like this letter-writing month. Lately, our post office is always hot, full of sweat and funk, and it takes longer to handle your mail business, yet hardly anyone complains. I don't complain either. I just leave. 

Now. One more thing you won't read about in a letter from me is this. 

Aha! Now you see how we roll. Bet you never imagined me in such a beauty, huh? See? Not so secret now, huh? You'll never get to know a person if you live by lists alone. Lists are good things too. I hope I'm on yours. 


  1. of course you are on my list you are always on my list . I have been having some bad days here lately but that was to be expected . in about a month I will go hunt some thrift stores to aquire some summer clothes awe well take care my friend and please take care of yourself .

    1. Oh, please don't let it be your hit list.

      I'm sorry you've had bad days too. No one should feel bad or be sick in the spring. May you feel better longer and longer, okay?

      I need spring clothes too. Erin asked what was up with all the gray I wore this winter. :) I didn't tell her the real reason. LOL. Enjoy shopping!