Monday, March 16, 2015

There's Always Something

I finally used one of the biggest cards ever. It's for my youngest pen friend. I'll share the actual image tomorrow. I hope she likes it.

The envelope is large enough for a full Shel Silverstein poem! I like the results so much I have plans to spread the laughter. Stay tuned. Imagining Shel liking the idea as much as I do. And who hasn't needed a little help making a friend a time or two?

Making nice for adults is a good something too, don't you think? Put your rub ons to making pretty for someone whose pretty is as pretty does. is really something.  

Oops! The paper is for someone younger, but hey, we're never too old to appreciate owls and does. Right? Besides, we are judged by our intentions, and mine were good. I was blinded by the spring colors.

And there's this something. Remember "the simple things" magazine? Remember? I groaned about it being March and we were finally getting February's issue? Well, I could not resist sharing this little VD gem. It was a nice creative idea while it lasted. Pretty, huh? 

See what else they missed selling us? "My Dear" notecards! Sweet little somethings, aren't they? We'd have bought bunches, wouldn't we?

And there's this! I like their SHOP OF THE MONTH. Do yourself a favor and follow the link. Here! I'll make it easy and help you avoid eye strain:

Check each category! Miss no-thing! This is one of the best designed sites I've visited in . . . in I don't remember. And I want just about everything! I'd take both typewriters: yellow AND red! Lord, if I won the lottery . . . my family would put me in a hoarder's rehab. I'd go too, if I could take some of my stuff with me. 

I forget what this link is for, but it can't hurt to look. Sorry. I hope it leads to fun. 

I remember! It's all about the 10 best stationery sets. Go, see, buy. There's always something new! See the Ted Baker florals! Oooh wee man! Hurry, all you Dr. Who fans! The British are coming! The British are coming!


  1. I'm so glad you're back. I owe you a letter or two, which I hope to get written soon.

    1. You are a sweetheart. I hope you're back too. You don't owe me anything. Absences make for great mail; they mean we're busy living and getting through life experiences we can share later in a letter. :)

  2. Present & Correct--seriously dangerous. Thanks for posting the link.

    1. I kno-o-ow. I have to get something. I haven't decided yet. So much to want, so little dough. And you're welcome.