Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Mail

(I forget who gets credit for this. I tore it from a magazine too long ago to remember the source.)

Who in the world does not celebrate Spring? Zombies, that's who! What? People the world over celebrate Spring in different ways, but celebrate it we do. I'm especially loving this one since it's the best we've had in years. Seriously. It's a real Spring. The sun shines strong and steady, yet gently. The breezes are cool and teasing. Everywhere there are green things growing and blooming and fruiting. Color surrounds us, and the air smells so sweet. What's not to love? We've thrown off the shackles of winter!

I'm a Spring baby. I was born when the star sign Taurus held sway  in the blessed sky. Yes, I can be stubborn. I'm strong, fierce, crazy for the color red, and I love earth. I believe in "April showers bring May flowers." I shut down once the the sun goes on vacation no matter how hard I try to roll with winter. I like spring onions, spring rolls but not Irish Spring. I like every flower I've ever met, spring fever, and you can tell I like spring mail. 

Come each Spring, I get to dust off my growing cast of cartoon characters, and draw until I'm drawn out. I get to make spring chicken jokes and spring chicken mail art.

I've outgrown enjoying housework in favor of spring cleaning. I'll wipe away the dust and dried petals, and put the little bottles back in their place. More flowers grow daily.

I get to use the Spring bounty I'd forgotten buying back when Archivers was still alive and well in Katy. It's too late for the Valentines, but I don't mind. I wish you could see these close up but even the originals are fuzzy. I think my favorite is the second image. The dyed eggs. And of course there's the third from the top on the right. If you're like me about Spring you'll like this blog's "pretty." Isn't it all just lovely? Everything says Spring. See? The world celebrates the season of renewal.  Naturally, I thought of Eid as well but there are buts. I have loads more to learn, but I can't do it justice in a hurry. The ram, the lamb, the bull. Somewhere in the world people sacrifice the ram, the lamb and the bull in Spring. And the goat! Don't forget the goat. So, that's all she wrote about Eid for now.

Except this. I often draw before I fall asleep. I put away my joy and it's forgotten--memories of penciled lines let behind in the land of Nod. It's easy to do if you draw in two journals, three sketch pads, on loose pages, on an iPad, in Rhoda pads . . . But one good thing about being me is . . . no one throws my "stuff" away. No one else erases what I do in Paper by 53. Nobody but me.

See? This is what I mean. Another it-was-supposed-to-be-a-postcard-start moment in time. If we are judged by our intentions, mine were good. My intended intentions will keep until Easter. though Until then, I wish you great spring mail, and a happy season of renewal, again. Everywhere. Can you feel it???


  1. sorry I have not been on here much just getting settled in at my new place in south Carolina ...Loving it of course and so glad not to have to deal with snowmagedon anymore thank God . Have a wonderful sunroom that I have turned into a combo office and plant room LOL . My tomatoes are doing wonderful and so am I . good to see you again .

  2. Congratulations! You're in your new home! I hope the postcard I sent last week reaches you. Does the postoffice forward postcards, I wonder.

    I haven't planted anything yet. What I wouldn't give for a sun-warmed tomato sandwich!

    Good to see you're back.

    1. well they have been forwarding my mail I so hope I get yours if not I will send you a pc with my new addy ...I have your addy in my address book in fact I will sit down and send you something hunt your mailbox or watch your mail box ...take care my lovely friend .....I hope your weather is warm get out and breathe in some warm air and plant something my lovely .

    2. Thanks! I'll keep an eye on my mail box. I spend huge chunks of time outside. I can't help it. Our weather is beautiful! Hope yours is too. I'm soaking tomato seeds but sadly have not planted anything new, because I haven't been able. Will correct that soon. You do the same, okay? :) Basil marries well with tomatoes. ;)

      Be well.

  3. I received your lovely mail today. :) It certainly was the best decorated envelope in my mailbox.

    1. It made it! I do wonder sometimes. Thanks for letting me know.