Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday's Post

I don't recall where I borrowed this, but it illustrated and spoke to what's happening in my world now. The Earth is awakening. Her colors are already strong-and bold-and-brilliant here in Katy, because the sun rose above the eastern horizon this morning, and put on quite an all-day show. The day was meant to be outdoors, so you know I went.

I told you so! Remember? I told you there would be sun this day. So I packed my bag last night. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are in full swing. This is my nod to the good things about it, excluding mutton busting, bull and bronco busting, and all forms of animal torture. And did I mention Barnum & Bailey are phasing out the elephants? Yea! I hope the large cats will be the next unkind acts to go. 

I'm finally using all the blackmail paraphernalia that's been languishing in dark paper drawers. It gets the job done and it's wicked fun. 

A warm reflection of yesterday's sun.


Five letters and a small package. I went to Ace Hardware's post office. I like the young lady who works there. She likes my charm bracelets as much as she likes my mail. I like her bracelets, charms, and her necklaces! We share passion for James Avery jewelry. Plus, Ace is closer and their post office stays open as long as the store does, even on Saturdays.

You know Barnes & Noble was on the non-agenda agenda. My favorite bookseller greeted me the moment I crossed the threshold. She was on her way out just to stand in the sunlight for a few precious moments, but we did a quick catch-up first. You'd have thought we hadn't seen each other in a month. 

I tell you everyone in Katy was under the sun's spell. People drove like they were on their best behavior. Yes, the traffic was bumper to bumper, yet drivers were polite, and some drove with their windows down! Inside the bookstore, peace reigned. No children screamed. There wasn't a frustrated parent within earshot. We had to put up with one lone rude phone person; she was louder than loud, and for a few annoying moments I thought she was following me up and down all the magazine racks just to be annoying. No matter. She just sounded that way. 

I sat for a while to breathe in the smell of paper and ink. I roamed through half the store before reluctantly leaving for my next mission. The cupboard at home was bare and I hadn't eaten all day. Not a drop of tea had passed my lips. So, off to the store I sailed.  

Home afterward, a sandwich and a glass of water later, I took to the patio. See that sunlight? It felt better than it looks here. I tilted my head, closed my eyes and inhaled sunlight and warmed air. Heavenly! Making art from nature? Nature is art!

The light is better in this one. You can see the gentle yellow, yes?

For the first time in my life I want to do a magazine cover. I can see me illustrating Houstonia Magazine. For real. It's not a great publication. It's mostly advertising, but still, I'd get a kick out of doing at least one cover. Their sales would increase by oodles if I did. Family size matters. 

More sunlight on pages. I am going to make that heart! Just wait until I save enough roses. Here it is March and we're just getting the February issue of "the simple things." I'm passionate about this sunlight. So is the lady in the deli who sliced all that havarti and swiss for me. Not much beats a sandwich on twelve grain bread with good cheese, and Romaine lettuce on a sunny day. Well, good mail, a sandwich on twelve grain bread with good cheese, and Romaine lettuce on a sunny day beats it by several heartbeats.

The taste that lingers after you've eaten buttery cheese that looks like sunlight is a great way to cleanse your reading palate before reading the day's mail. What about you? Did you feel the sunlight on your face too? I'm gonna put some in an envelope and send it to someone who needs it! Just you wait!


  1. This makes me want to sit in the sun and browse magazines -- and SF was over 80 degrees yesterday so it would have been a good day to do it. Too bad we don't have a Barnes & Noble or a big news stand.

    1. Reading mail in the sun is just as good. Writing letters with a fountain--not so good. The ink dries on your nib as quickly as it does on the page. You barely have time to get your thoughts down but it's still a great way to spend time in the sun.

      I cannot imagine living without a book store. How can San Fran not be riddled with them? The Blue Willow Bookshop is a recent new discovery. I wish you had one. It's small but gloriously filled with treasure. I will write a letter to the book gods on your behalf. Just continue doing your thing! No one does it quite like you.

    2. We have bookstores --- independant bookstores-- but no chains like B&N. But--they don't have great magazine sections.

    3. I'm so sorry.

      I still miss the Book Stop.

      I shop both. Sometimes the independent shops have the best stationery. B&N fell down hard in that category.

  2. Hi! I think you must work for a big magazine publishing conglomerate.

    Or you just have a good eye. Thanks for introducing me to new magazines.
    I bought a copy of Orion today and I love it.

    1. Ha! I wish. I love words and images and their placement on pages. Is partly why I was an Ad Design major. But magazines fill the need for short reads that have substance. Subscriptions have their place, but I hate it when a beautiful magazine comes folded in the center, or has ragged edges. Besides, I like interacting with booksellers. It's a lovely way to make a friend.

      I'm so pleased! You bought Orion! It really is great. I see you in a whole other way now. :) It's good.

      Thank you.