Monday, March 2, 2015

Rainy Days & Mondays Never Get Me Down

Well, not any more. Used to be I hated Sunday nights because Mondays inevitably followed. There's a syndrome named after those feelings. And I just read, "Feeling sad helps you feel better. That sounds weird. Yet ultimately that's true. When you look grief in the eyes, you also realize that it's a part of life." I know, I know, you automatically heard, "Good grief, Charlie Brown!" thump inside your head. Right? No? Okay, maybe it's just me 'cause there's a Peanuts comic strip on top of the paper in my waste paper bin. 

Or maybe it's the lingering effects of Mondays from my past. The day hasn't been kind, with glowering clouds the color of black ink drops dispersing in a glass of water. Taupe. That's the color I'm looking for! Taupe, with dark edges. The rain is the . . . Never mind. All rain is good rain. Unless it's acid rain. 

Okay. So I decided to make envelopes today. I had to do something beside sitting in the dark. My immune system is in over-drive, working hard to stomp out the bugs that wreak havoc in my sinuses, throat, and ears. Chills and fever go hand in hand, but I'm not having it! Remember how we're supposed to make lemonade when life sucks like a bunch of bitter lemons? My life life doesn't so much suck as it's tiptoeing around calling itself muck. This dull, drab, taupe envelope reflects the day's sky. See? Art does imitate life. It's still rather pretty if you look at what's going on in the photos. Again, it's just like life. 

Here is a shot of my second attempt. It's a page from a 2011 NYT Magazine ad. I made a mess of it but no way could I throw it away. I'll have to write a cheerful letter to send with. 

And I did write a letter last night. Did you notice all the letters in Downton Abbey last night? And the letter in Fiddler on the Roof? The old yenta opened it! Oops! Sorry. The quote about feeling sad is from "Even If Everything Goes Wrong, It's Still Okay," from FLOW Magazine. This post was supposed to be about pens and ink since I'm seriously practicing with my dip pens, but we all know ink and humidity don't play well together. So here I am once again, writing about what I know.

I know there are dinosaurs in my house. That's for sure! And, yesterday's and last night's mail did not go out today. There's always tomorrow. How's your Monday?

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