Sunday, March 22, 2015

Only the One, the One & Only

"Only the one," is the answer to the question, "How many angels will fit on the head of a pin?" Both Q&A came out of the blue--a clear signal that it was time to pick up a pad, a pencil, and draw. So I did. Postcards are a great way to say hello after a long winter separation. And, so it began.

It began with a safety pin found in a little tin of pen nibs. "Safety" changed to "fountain," and there you have it. Poorly executed, so no postcards. Yet.

Jumping jackrabbits! I bought new grays! One cannot cast shadows without a little. Copic grays were a mere $6.99 per! They're $7.99 - $8.99 at other stores. So lovely! They inspire me to do better.

I'm learning chicken anatomy. There's no room for roosters yet.

(show piece)

I think I post outgoing mail more often than incoming as a way of reassuring pen friends. It is my way of saying might be behind but I'm on the job. Incoming takes longer to share because I have to savor it first. It's like not introducing the guy you're dating to your friends until you've gotten to enjoy being alone with him first. In this case, the show piece is newly written--waiting for tomorrow's postal run. (God willing and the creeks don't rise. The rain keeps on falling.) Rain drops keep falling on my head. But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red. Rain is what we need. But, hello Lord, we don't need another flood!

I get a kick out of sharing Shel Silverstein poems this way. The drawings are icing on cup cakes! 

And, of course there's this. The one. It's home. It's on the bed behind me. Within reaching distance. It came home yesterday. After days in and days out of rain-rain-rain, and more rain, I escaped. I escaped into the rain. I was not alone. Barnes & Noble and Hobby Lobby were buzzing with dry, damp, full-on-wet people. Dang! I forgot the self-portrait I planned after I saw my reflection in store windows. I matched the gray sky. Dressed in gray from my tee shirt, yoga pants, and rain hoodie. A nudge to shop for spring clothes, yes?

Yes. But disappointment was writ all over my face the moment I nonchalantly made my way around the first rack of magazines, turned and slowly eyeballed the space where FLOW usually hangs out to wait for me, and discovered it was not there. A poker face hid my pain. I pretended to examine "Cloth, Paper, Scissors." Then, (drum roll!) one of my favorite booksellers rounded the first racks and startled me. All I heard was "FLOW" and my eyes followed his finger to the first magazine on the . . . It was there! Dejected and down-hearted I'd walked right past! 

I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and buy him a latte! I forgot to tell him how much I liked his beautiful plaid shirt! Jordan wears clothes I wish . . . Never mind. He and I more than like FLOW. Read on for a tease and several unnecessary reasons why.

I am all over the place with this issue, but I found my Bucket Must Do List night before last. It was tucked inside my copy of The Swan Gondola. A mere bookmark. I added item #3: Draw a dragon. Honest. I have wanted to draw a dragon since I was a girl. They're not a part of America's history, so I know nothing of dragon anatomy. I've studied them for years though. Here's hoping I finally draw one before I add #4. 

But. Did you know there's a proper way to do a bucket list? Well, there is. Find out the ins and outs of it on page 98. (Tease: What is it you always wanted to do as a child? Do you still want to do that?) Then watch the movie! A happier Bucket List is a bucket with your list written on strips of paper. Keep it on your desk. I have a cute little pail that holds pens and papers, but it doesn't have to be a real bucket.  No, I like the little card from Levenger's that keeps my list. How did "kick the bucket" become associated with death? Did Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicking-over-the milk bucket-that-knocked-over-the -lantern-that-caused-the-great-fire have anything to do with it?

Were you ever into Betsy McCall doll clothes? Oh, I could barely stand waiting for her new wardrobe every month! I was crazy for Betsy! I used my best scissors cutting skills, pasted Betsey onto a cardboard back, dressed and undressed her all day--sometimes until tabs tore off. 

I just don't get the cat paper doll though. Who wants to dress a cat? You can dress up a dog, but cats have too much dignity. So, you know there's fashion in this issue. (grin) 

I like this paperweight! It complements my crystal ball perfectly, don't you think? I secretly like dandelions. 

Hmm. Bucket lists. Now this.

FLOW always, always, always gives away goodness. This issue is no exception. Randall? Jackie? All the hand-letterers in the audience? This issue is for you.

There's even an exercise to copy. Copying is a great learning tool. Your eyes-hands send signals to your brain. Your brain holds the new information in reserve until you can do it on your own. Then ta-da! It's learning on the cheap. FLOW uncorks your creativity genie in your bottle, and the rest is a pun.

I'd like to buy the world a FLOW
And keep it company.
It's the real thing deal.

Go. Buy. Let us have fun!

Write on!

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