Saturday, March 7, 2015

March's First Saturday Evening Post

A late nod, on my part, to the great Scott Joplin. This lovely is from Anna and J! J is learning to play Joplin's famous piece, _________. Be the tenth to send me a postcard with the name of the music and win the feather pillow.

Um . . . This one! Oh! Don't forget to add the title of the post it appears in. How much does a pound of feathers weigh? It depends on the bird? The winner will be chosen on St. Patrick's Day, so hurry and send the winning answers.

Thank you, dear Davia! You are such an artist. Yours is the only snowman I've seen all winter. Feels like spring here. 

This fills the room! Thank you, Angela. This is lovelier than that movie, "A Patch of Blue!" 

There is something so visceral about this image. The first time I saw it it invoked the same gut-wrenching emotion that overwhelmed me the first time I drove into Alabama and saw all that red dirt. And cotton. There was a giant cotton field along the interstate, and then there was cotton. The red was more powerful for it. My mother was with me. She had a similar yank that started her talking about when we lived in Alabama. Then there's the red dirt in . . . Never mind. Thanks for the postcard Kathleen! It's perfect.

Ahem. Remember what Patty started with that, "What does the fox say?" Argh! Don't listen! This cute note card is from Angela, who remembers the song. This fox is cute, but not cute enough to get me to listen to that song again. Thanks, Angela. I like your fox.

This is just plain sweet. Aren't we all slow about writing once in awhile? Inside: . . . words and sentences take even longer! Sorry! I'll write soon. Isn't this more fun than apologizing in paragraphs? Thank you, Cynthia. Late mail is often great mail.

This little feather seems appropriate for my current "new" project, so I used it twice. Used twice, showed once!

Road trips and journeys make for good mail!


Although spring is a sneeze away I'm being stingy with color. I have my reasons. I wish I'd kept an accurate count of my outgoing mail though.

See? What color there is isn't from me. The humor is! Hahaha! I'm just warming up. Stay tuned!


I'm learning a new language. Am still loving that white ink. 

I dug out a bunch (3) of calligraphy books last night. Inspiration. Sweet inspiration! This afternoon I bought new tubes of gouache. A set! I've got a secret. If there's something on your list of Things I Want to Do Before I'm too Old to "Do," now might be a good time to take advantage of your creative state of mind. The first time I used gouache . . . Heck! The first time I ever heard the word was during my first year of art school. I loved/love it. Okay, I misused the word love, but what I feel is as close as it gets to being love. Connection. Maybe that's the word I need. It'll do for now. Did I ever tell you I just know I was one of those cave painters in one of my other lives? Well, I do. (cough-cough)

I found sand. Sand that's so fine it blows my mind! Look out feather! Why does sand have to come from China too? Don't we have sand any more? I'm leery of heating it in my oven. Maybe I can boil a stock pot full of water, take it outside, put the can of sand in it . . . 

See? I'm finally going to make a quill pen from this poor feather. It's meant for a leftie but it's all I've got. Want to trade a leftie for a righty? If yes, you'd better hurry! Does anyone know why the red nib holder is tacky? Is it meant to keep itself from slipping? Or is it defective? 

A better view. It's a good size for a quill pen. Is pretty as well. 

So. If you don't hear from me for awhile just know that I'm busy making pretty. Or, I'm writing letters.

Be well.

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