Sunday, March 8, 2015


I did not find the word lettersmith in any dictionary. We exist though. Turns out a blacksmith is a metalsmith, and a wordsmith is a skilled user of words. There are coppersmiths, goldsmiths, safe smiths, locksmiths, silversmiths, songsmiths, tinsmiths, tunesmiths, whitesmiths, and plain old smiths. Let us add lettersmith to that "list of words that contain smith." Oh! And mailartsmiths! Now let there be fun! 

See? Lettersmiths and mailsmiths will inherit the kingdom of the written word. Okay, kingdom of the handwritten word!  

Do you create something you don't think is even so-so, then look at it the next day and it looks good enough to be good? Well, this is one of those creations. Maybe this drizzly gray day makes any color look good. All the yellow is surely a subliminal desire for sun, but if we had sun I'd be outside instead of inside watching the game, writing this post, and lettersmithing. 

Then there's this. A gem. A sweet little bit of pretty. With this pad on your desk, there's no way you'll need more inspiration to pen a letter. It's from Chronicle Books or Barnes & Noble. Check out their Jane Austen Novel Journal! What about those Typewriter Notes? Letters of Note? Ooh-wee-man! 

I wish you happy smithing! Happy smithing everywhere. 

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