Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Wanted to Knock the Snot Out of Mark Twain

4:18 PM:  So far that's all I know. The text ended abruptly. Hopefully, the full story will emerge before evening. I cannot help but worry just a bit over the cryptic message. Why would The Fat Chick want to harm a long-dead Mark Twain? Hmm. There's a mystery afoot.

No matter. No, wait. Have you heard of Mike the headless chicken? NO? Read about it here: Be warned. It is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. If you want the fleshed out story you must read several stories instead of the one. Time Magazine's tale has an interesting take, and it fills in missing details. RIP, Mike. Gone but not forgotten.

I like mail. I love Alex Mail. He's taken to writing notes and leaving them on the door mat ever since he wrote a thank-you note to Anna in England last year. The idea of his letter crossing an ocean still amazes him. Ah, the faith of a child. He does not consider his missives being fair game when it comes to the wind and it's love of kiting all things paper. And it's March after all. I'd like a kite today, but sharing my friend's letter is just as exciting as flying a kite. 

As you can see, Alex and his family went to Mexico for spring break. His father stayed behind, but I was put on extra guard detail while he was at work. Señor Juan has had his landscaping trailer and tools hitched to someone else's wagon and stolen twice. That's the backstory in an acorn shell. Now, try to picture moi as a lookout. 

It didn't work, did it? I know. No matter. I promised to keep an eye out for strangers, and an eye on Señor Juan. I saw said señor once in the two weeks his family was away. My friend, Alex thanked me for protecting his home the day after they returned. He was that grateful. Plus he'd missed me, and wanted to say hey. Post-spring break hugs are tighter/longer by far. And he thanked me for my prayers. I'd have prayed harder had I known they were traveling by bus. 

So. When's the last time you got door mat mail?


  1. Never got any door mat mail. But I will be leaving some soon.

  2. I feel so special now!

    You're gonna leave some soon? Hmm. I hope it's good door mat mail. :)