Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dear Jackie, Love Roseanne

So. Remember when Jackie joined the police force, and she had to go away to the police academy? And, do you remember the scene where she and Roseanne are at Jackie's apartment right before they leave for the bus station? Roseanne is driving Dan's truck, and just as they're picking up the baggage, Roseanne picks up the stamps on the table and she tells Jackie to take them, only Jackie says she won't use them because she doesn't write letters, but Rosie does so she should take them and write her a letter, since her big sister writes great letters. 

Snap. Oh, snap-snap! Jackie tells Roseanne that she's probably already written a letter. So they share a look, and Rosie slowly pulls a pink envelope from a pocket of her fringed denim jacket, and gives it to Jackie. Jackie insists on reading it right then and there. This shot is where she opens the envelope and reads as Rosie watches, and you know they cry. Right? 

I hurried to write this post, which should be my very last one ever, and before I'd finished the first paragraph the credits roll; just as I look up there's Rosie reading a letter from Jackie! From Jackie! By then it was too late for me to put aside my MacBookPro (Is it one word or two? Who cares? Tonight it's one.), kick off the covers, hurry around the bed, grab my phone and get the shot! Dang it! Doesn't it just tick you off when that happens? No matter. I got the money shot. The letter was real. The camera did a close-up. 

By the way, I'd never seen this episode before tonight! So if you'd asked me if Jackie wrote Roseanne in a "Roseanne" trivia game  I'd have lost because I never would have imagined Rosie's self-centered sister writing back. Letters make people do atypical things. Write more letters!

Goodnight. And remember: I stay up late so you don't have to.

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