Friday, March 27, 2015

A - Z Mis-er-y, Confusion, Color Infusions

Giving away reams of 12 x 12 and 18 x 24 sheets of paper is harder than I imagined, without even factoring in the costs for shipping. So I've decided to use up as much as I can before my expiration date. You can imagine how much fun I had making this envelope. Now I have to wrestle with the thought of giving it away or keeping. "Keeping for what?" you ask. Inspiration. Inspiration is what. Or, I should keep it for my big book. My memoir? Whatever.

I need to know when to hold 'em. I like this better, but drawing and coloring with markers on vellum is a sure-fire stressor. It's downright scary. Makes for muddy colors too.

Know when not to fold 'em.
Know when to walk away . . .
This began as a nod to the Spring bonnets of my church-going childhood. I forgot Easter was the main event, so I get another chance to have another go. It's clever-clever! Just you wait and see. Singing: In your new Spring bonnet, with all the flowers on it . . .

Know when to run 
to your writing desk
and write a letter. 
Just one.

It sure felt odd. A single letter on the bannister this morning. And it did not get mailed. I missed the mail person. There's always tomorrow.

I believe I'm caught up with my backlog for the first time in at least three years. Oh, my goodness gracious! It is liberating. Please, if I owe you a letter, it's okay to let me know. I am so cool. Ask if I've drawn my first draw one-a-day challenge and I will have to say, "Will you help me?" because I need to buy a clue.  On my A. Oops! It's my personal A - Z drawing challenge. I also bought that 642 TINY THINGS TO DRAW book. The first prompt is: cupcake sprinkles! An entire page is for sprinkles. 

I Googled "cupcake sprinkles." Surely the prompt suggests sprinkles in their container? Sprinkles atop an actual cupcake? Sprinkles alone could be cake sprinkles, cookie sprinkles, or even candy sprinkles. Right? Oh! Or sprinkles atop frozen yogurt, banana splits, ice cream . . . Shucks. Why make this simple challenge more challenging by posing poser prompts? Which? Remember what a sprinkle is? If I draw three am I supposed to color them so they won't be confused with marks made on the page when I dropped my pencil and it rolled and thumped down the page? 

My first A -Z choice is an ampersand. Easy enough, right? Too easy? I know! Armadillo! The letter A? That's it! The letter A. Okay Susan, it's on. 

This is a bumpy posting day. Never in a million years would I have imagined being stumped over a title for a post, yet here I am. I blame this crisis on fluid retention, coupled with perhaps too much sun, and/or knowing my green carpet with yellow and white flowers will disappear beneath the blades of my neighbor's mower tomorrow. I asked Alex's father to mow for me, so I saved these new beauties to press between waxed paper. I've never seen leggy wild violets(?), or the cute tiny lilac babies before. Great winters bring new "weeds." I miss going macro so much. I wish I could leave the backyard to itself for once too. 

On a happier note, I'm smitten. With? I am smitten with this! See why for yourself, and join me in Smittenville. Here: Does knowing the possibility exists that some day your letters might be read on stage before a live audience? If you knew they'd be read this way or published in a book in the future, would it affect what you write in the present? I recently read a woman's thoughts on the idea of someone hacking her e-mail accounts, and discovering the gossip she engages in. Heck. That was in a recent NYT op-ed piece, if memory still serves me well. Wait. Memory loss makes a great defense. Note to self: Save, just in case. 

But the author's panic prompted me to wonder if I gossip in e-mails. I immediately nixed the fret, because if something is good enough to be called gossip, it is good enough to warrant a phone call. Now, if my phone calls are being recorded, then the Big Brother snoopers must be desperate, since I have no worries about my e-mail content. However. A period was absolutely necessary after that however, seeing as how I have written things in letters in the past that I wish could be eaten, digested, and belched up by Smaug. I'm talking incinerated. 

Wait a second. Who decides what defines a letter of note? There are great letters of non-note that are better and far more interesting than some of the jaw-achingly boring letters written by some people of notability. Don't ask me for names since mine is not among them. 


  1. Ok so just for kicks I opened my box of family letters, closed my eyes and pulled one - April 8, 1977. Most interesting sentence is the closing:
    "Take care- 'cause I care. Love from Old Man of the Mountain - Grandpa".
    Then I pulled one more - May 5, 1970 from Grandma - the opening "Dear Cindy. Well, now for a little chat with you. Wish you were down here so we could really talk instead of writing".

    Thought provoking post. Thank you.

  2. How sweet and worthy of notability! Somebody loved you well, girl! Thanks for sharing. You proved my point.