Monday, March 23, 2015

A Great Mail Day

Inspiration. Or, "Why hand lettering matters." 

My name looks lovely, doesn't it? 

Inside was just as lovely. Oh, happy day indeed!

Such goodies in a grab bag! Thank you, Randall. We share a taste in stationery. I stack books around my home too. 

She couldn't wait for the finish. She wouldn't wait to get her fluff filled in. Tweet had to twitter the name of the give away winner NOW. So . . . The winner is . . .

Angela! Congratulations! I do like your card, "The ABCs of Living Green." Hmm. You've given me an idea, and your pillow will wing its way to you soon. Thanks for playing. My Monday was a good mail day. I hope yours was too.

A field of tulips! Isn't mail grand? Sometimes it just makes my day. Thanks for all the colors and light, Susan.

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