Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Saturday Evening Post

This is the 28th Day of Black Heritage Month, although we create history every day. I wish emphasis was placed on every minority's culture/history, because everyone's tribe is important. We are more accepting of others when we don't view them as strangers, or see their customs as strange. I never imagined Charles Barkley would teach NBA fans a vital lesson in community, yet he did just that the night he spoke on Earl Lloyd's passing. Until I Googled his name I didn't even know who Earl Lloyd was.  In case you're curious:

As a result of of Lloyd's history, I finally respect Wilt Chamberlain. I respect him for his story on the courts. I respect him and his peers for being firsts in a game I enjoy. Earl Lloyd deserves a postage stamp as much as Chamberlain, maybe more. While I have not purchased Chamberlain's, I might do just that the next time I need to restock my postage tin. In the meantime, I hope Lloyd gets his due soon. 

I've reserved the last two stamps from the Black Cinema for posterity. Okay. I'm saving them for any grands I might have some day. If I reckoned correctly, the latest Black Heritage stamp is the 38th of its kind, according to the USPS. No way do I have 38 souvenirs! What am I missing? 

Not Josephine Baker. My then best friend, Fannie Belle starred in a theater production of Baker's life back in the late 70s. I read everything I could get my hands on about the star because I was shamefully ignorant of her roles in history. She lived a fascinating life despite a painful beginning in America. She was destined to blaze in France! Imagine not only acting in the role of a spy but actually being one during the war! She was a flipping flapper, an actress/dancer, wife, and mother to her Rainbow Tribe. Poor Josephine. 

Speaking of tribes. Do you ever turn a journal page into a postcard? I do/did. I needed to do something special to make up for being absent most of Black Heritage Month. In Houston everyone's heritage is celebrated. I didn't know there was a large Czech community in Texas until I read a book about their history: We Were Czech. They were early settlers in the area, but who's counting? We're all one big tribe. Right? So what? Celebrate your heritage, and share it with friends, and the people in your neighborhood. Jeff Bridges is right! 

Ha-ha-ha! A little mail humor.

Two pieces of out-going that didn't make it today. There's always Monday, and more to go with it. The steer missing back legs never fails to bother me, yet I continue to send it.

This is from Patty. It has place of honor on my cork board. I'm still trying to take back the time that I lost watching the most unnecessary video in the world. What does fox say indeed. She warned me though. She told me that it was a waste of time right off the bat, so you know I had to see for myself, right? Please, don't you do it too. Run! Watch your ceiling in the dark instead! 

I wrote more Black Mail last night.

The UK has some of the best stamps! I'm not an Alice in Wonderland fan, but I like almost all Alice illustrations. I'm probably the only person on the planet who doesn't love the story. No matter. I'm nuts for the postage stamps! Thank you-thankyou, Anna. Expect a mini mail backlog any day now. It tends to happen when I don't make a postal run every day. 

Before I forget, R.I.P. Anne Moody, Civil Rights soldier. ' "I was snatched from my stool by two high school students," Ms Moody recounted in her memoir.' She was dragged about 30 feet toward the door by her hair. "The mob  started smearing us with ketchup, mustard,sugar, pies and everything on the counter." Had I sat on that stool and been covered in condiments, well, I think I'd still be in jail. Or I'd own that lunch counter. Or maybe not. Turning a cheek cannot have been easy since just thinking about it makes my heart thud. Maybe Ms Moody earned a BHM stamp that day. Only time will tell. I have a copy of her memoir. It's old and a little worn but it's mine.

I finally got a stamp I've coveted. Guess which one. And check out the damage to the bubble wrap envelope. Too much of my mail comes soiled and damaged. Now you see why I have a tape fetish. No matter. Like Maya Angelou, still I write.

So ends the 28th Day of Black Heritage Month. Or so you think. Shall I tell you about the dream?

Write on. And we shall overcome more than snail mail doubt.


  1. I had to look up Earl Lloyd, but I did know who "Wilt the Stilt" was, he played for the home team. I learned about Josephine Baker at school. I always admired her courage.

    1. I have a feeling there are far too many Earl Lloyds lurking in history's shadows. I saw old video of Lloyd playing and he was something fresh to the sport. He was the NBA's Jackie Robinson.

      I, too, admire Josephine Baker's courage. Being a spy for the French was brave and daring enough. So was adopting her little tribe. She died broke, but will forever be a she-ro.

      Wilt the Stilt. :)

      Thanks, Anna.