Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This Is a Word's World

This is a word's world. But it wouldn't be nothin' without an epistolary-minded woman or a girl. I can easily imagine James Brown spinning in his grave now. Or not. He probably understood artistic license better than most, therefore I will studiously imagine him smiling instead.

So, indeed, it is this epistolary-minded woman's prerogative to bend a word, a phrase, or an image. And mine is truly a world of words and pens, ink and winks. Oh! And quick thinking. So why couldn't I find the right word to rhyme with world? There's curled, furled, burled, hurled, whirled, knurled, twirled, purled, swirled . . . I couldn't come up with an image for this year's Halloween postcards either. 'Tis a barren sketch pad I hold before me. Well not exactly barren. I put more than a few useless marks on quite a few pages. In the end I put down my pencil. But, no matter. In the end I managed to save my bacon skin. You'll see.

Not only did I take a page from my own book by following my own advice . . .

I managed to come up with ideas for new homemade postcards! You'll see. 

Halloween letters are interesting. I forgot to include the little spooky bats, cats, and witches! Don't you love it when you open an envelope and little cut-outs flood your lap? Ha-ha! Bees are really spooky, huh? I should have done a bee on a broom. There's always next year. *sigh*

Determined, I reached way-way-way back. I went all the way back to 1991, and this is what I pulled from my bag of artist's Halloween tricks. Ha! No pun intended, but since I'm there? Finding this was a treat.

So, I got busy. 

In a word? I had fun with puns and pens, words and toothy pumpkin grins. This is what it looks like inside the wordy world of an old epistolary-minded girl. I did it! I rhymed! I did it! Get it?  Power to the wordies! This is a girl's world too, y'all.

Write on.

P.S. Um, I mailed a whopping ten Halloween postcards today. What's your count?


  1. I think I must have sent five , oh yes five my dear that is quite a count for me ...brooms ,brooms and wicked tombs LOL....sorry I could not help myself ...well this wicked witch is outta here .

    1. Congratulations! :) Some is better than none, right?

  2. I got mine and many thanks! I missed sending halloween mail this year due to LA & NYC trips but i am working on Thanksgiving mail.....and I owe you!

    1. You're entitled to miss once in a while. :) You're amazing.