Wednesday, October 22, 2014

See? I Told Us So!

I found my necklace. Surely it's a sign that it must be used as a prop, and proof that indeed, we do respond to the shifts in seasons, even unintentionally. Cool colors, right? Not too warm, not too cold. They're just right for early fall.

Drop the colors atop a for-sure fall color, and . . . Did I mention how this horse is on display in the Chicago Institute of Art? It's also a postcard now. 

Look at the horse with the necklace. Look at the leaves. You are getting sleepy. You are putting on a little body fat. You want to play in the leaves. You want to write letters about leaves!

This is some of today's mail. Awesome fall colors, huh? 

Some people are SO creative! Why didn't I think to use tea packets like this? Wolfey, you amaze me. And you remembered the monarch madness that sweeps through my town twice a year. I'm hugging that stamp. Thank you. I am so lucky.

Ahem. I know you notice the connections here. Unsure? Scroll up. Slowly. Scroll down. Even slower. Now grin. I recently saw yet another documentary about Stonehenge and what lies beneath. Did you catch it? There are several magazine articles that I have not gotten around to reading, too, then whoosh! I get a Stonehenge postcard! Thank you, Scriptor!

Then there's this gem. Did I mention what a good mail day this is was? Oh, but it was a goodie! My used-to-be-best-friend wrote back! I was sweating bullets because it took a while, so you know that I feared the worst. Blame nerves for my mess-up with her address and call it karma. I'm so grateful to the person who fixed things and made it possible for her to get my two-liner. I was so happy! I read her card in the post office parking lot. Then I grinned all the way home! Turns out she'd been looking for me too!

But back to the stars, stripes and bombs bursting in air. I remember way back in the day when Misty wrote a post about the meaning behind stamp positions on an envelope. Remember that? Do you reckon the meanings are universal? Do some people really imagine that we won't possibly pay attention to how a stamp sets on an envelope? I mean, who doesn't think we notice? *eye roll* This comes from a woman who misses the obvious, but not the . . . Well, let me say this. I am not completely asleep at this wheel. I keep one eye open. Call me Cyclops. 

And, I am angry. Can you tell? Why am I angry? I am angry because the tip of my nose is itching like crazy, my skin stings, my sinuses are swelling, and I must take a Benadryl, all because the person who penned the letter inside the envelope that bears the canted stamp, put aftershave, or man-fume on the paper. Why-y-y-? Who does that any more? I won't even answer, but please don't send unsolicited, scented anything to anyone. Someone should write an etiquette book about such insults. Scented mail is as offensive to me as an Anthony Weiner selfie would be. I would have tossed it out the car window had I known it would make me sick, but then again maybe not, since my address is on the envelope. The letter! Well, the Weiner selfie too . . . 

See? I had to buy these beauties. Such fall colors, yes? They're a reward for finishing The Goldfinch. I did, I did, I did! And, I didn't go sling it in a cow pasture afterward. I actually liked parts of the tome. More toward the end, but yes, Theo set out on a path to redemption. It just took him too long. That book would have been fantastic had it been edited to half the paper they used to tell such a pathetic story. Some people self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, sex, alcohol-drugs-and-sex, but I'd be too afraid of frying my already damaged brains. Oh, wow. Maybe that's why some people commit suicide. How sobering. What a somber way to end a post, but that's life, don't you think? Which reminds me of what Theo was thinking in the last fistful of pages. He wasn't so crazy after all. He just didn't think. He simply acted out.

I know, I know. I could have said, John dies at the end, but I won't, since it isn't true. John would be Boris in this instance, but speaking of Boris? He wasn't as dumb as he pretended either. I'd never want a friend like him, but he was what Theo needed. 'Tis true that there's someone for everyone. My old friend, Stas, gave me a little magnet that asks, "Is there a little fairy in your life?" This was back in the 80s. It's on the refrigerator. It wasn't until maybe five years ago that I got it. I'll take a picture--show you the magnet--but Auntie Stas is gay. Sometimes I think I need a little fairy. Oh. But not all fairies are good, right? But as I meant to say! I wish you and I could discuss pages 745-746, 757-761. At least those few pages. I like Theo's thoughts about art and time, good and bad . . . I believe that he and Pippa will eventually "come to her senses." *wink* And, as much as I hated/loved The Goldfinch I wish I had the time and courage to read it all over again. I'll use the time to write letters instead.

Write on.


  1. great post and await your letter . thanks again my friend .

    1. Gracias. Don't you love how mail changes along with the seasons? :)

  2. Great post and that tea packet envie is especially awesome. Some people are so creative! =D

    1. Thanks. I thought of all the tea packets I didn't put in a journal but tossed, and want to pinch myself. One person's toss is another artist's treasure. Let us see what we can come up with to top Wolfey. LOL!