Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh, Who Are the (Sick) People in Your Neighborhood?

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood? 
They're the people that you meet 
when you're walking down the street . . .

They're the people that you meet 
the very ones you don't want to greet
just in case they have to sneeze 
and give you a second hand disease . . . 

Or, I prefer Sesame Street's version, don't you? My littlest neighbors are sick. Alex sounds like he has a frog in his throat, his bronchial tubes hurt, he had a temperature, and just did not feel good at all. His mom took him to the doctor two days ago. I promised to check on him, but my fever spiked and I crawled back to the malinger's watch list, pulled the covers up to my neck and . . . Well, here I am. 

A neighbor who's just back from Rwanda stopped by the other day. She's sick. Not like that, but she doesn't know who she flew with; JC is almost well. The regular play group is absent, the basketball goal lays abandoned next to the driveway, adults are home from work because they've caught something from their children, and the mailman delivers mail in the evening. At least we think it's the mailman. JC gets the mail at dusk. 

He mailed my out-going for me this afternoon. Don't be thrown by the stamped date. It's late. I made postcards from an unfinished watercolor of a lighthouse. The painting is over eleven years. There are several versions. The other is half finished too. 

I'm out of Kleenex, I'm almost out of patience, but I still have wet markers, a new pad of Copic paper, and my imagination works well. So, I made stationery. It began as an idea about talking pumpkins and messages sent through the pumpkin vine. The phone rang and that was that. 

Then I was thirsty, so I finished my cold tea. Pen and ink are easy. The spoon was in the cup. My glasses needed cleaning, so they morphed into a model. I think the brown stuff in the jar is Nutella. I forgot what the label looks like, and since one can only draw what they know . . . Forgive me for the knife, please? It was an afterthought. I thought the recipient of the letter I'd write on the sheet might get the idea that I ate butter with my fingers, and I couldn't figure out if that slice is cheese, cheesecake, or pound cake. I'd use my fingers on the Nutella for sure. Well, maybe not. And, maybe the butter is for that slice of whatever.

I had to put aside The Goldfinch, yet again. Seemed like the more I read, the more I had left to read. I read for hours at a time too. The author talks too much. She's beyond generous! She tried to give away every word she's ever learned. Have you read it? This is my second attempt to finish this book. 

We both know why I chose this one. Right? Such a clever cover. Uh-oh. I just thumbed through it; there's what looks like an entire Q&A chapter. The saving grace might be the letters, but only if they are excerpts from the author's father's actual letters. Immigrant stories are always interesting.

There are only two tea bags left inside this box. I know I'll be completely well very soon. I like the box but like black breakfast tea even more. Did you ever read the package on your cereal box when you were a kid? Because you were bored? I did. I'd read almost anything back then. When I zero in on the details of this tea box I imagine myself in the scene. That lamb is looking at me. That stile needs to be sturdier; I'll work on it this weekend. Why there are cricket players nearby is baffling, but my neighbor, the woman sipping tea . . . She must be sick too! I'd rather talk to the lamb!

I sat right up when I saw this! "Dead Letters." 

Look at the seals! All those red lovelies.

Want a closer look-see? It's curious, huh?

And there's this. I immediately thought of Pinky & the Brain. Who wants to rule the world? Not I. I have enough of a hard time ruling myself. I remember reading the story behind this but I'll read it again.

Yes, the Smithsonian does it again. The stories behind the red seals and Hitler's stationery are worth the reading alone. Oh, shush yourself, George! There's a photo of Eliot Ness. J Edgar Hoover had it in for him. Mum's the word though. It's Carmex time.

Be well, everyone. And write on.

The giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow.

So. Who are the people in your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood?
In your neigh-bor-hood?

Da da da-da-da-da da!


  1. Oh so sorry you are sick I feel for you , seems like when Im well you are sick and when Im sick you are well . Goodness read on , looks like the exile book looks good would not mind reading that one as well . The goldfinch I got through but goodness it took me a long time and I still don't know how I finished it . I have never in my life been so bored by a book . well get well my dear very soon please . chicken soup does the body good LOL or so we were always told right ? LOL ....

    1. Thank you but you'd think I know not to hug and kiss or eat anything children proffer with their little germ ladened hands, huh? The doctor gave Alex a shot, and he swears he's all better now.

      I'm on the tail end of this thing, so I feel better. A little makeup on the circles under my eyes, more Carmex and a Red Bull will have me good to go in an hour. :)

      I like a long story but The Goldfinch is a bit much, especially since I don't like Theo at all. Tell me, is the story worth all the words?

      No chicken soup here. Hot and sour is the soup in my cup. With just enough red pepper flakes. :) Yum!

      Have a great Saturday. The sun is shining here. I'm tempted to take my book, my cup, and veg out on the patio for a spell. Be well.

    2. hot and sour I have never had that wow I do live in a bubble !!! no the story Is not worth the words and no did not like Theo at all weather is turning colder here and I mean much colder not getting out of the 50's next week ugh ,,, I see white in our future .take care and hope you are on the mend quickly my dear

    3. I like everything about hot and sour soup except the eggs. They remind me of rags. :) The crunchy mushrooms, tofu, heat, tang and stuff is amazing, but only if you get the right amount of heat. I hope you'll try it sometime.

      I'm determined to finish The Goldfinch tonight but when ever I finish it, I am going to drive to a pasture and fling that book as far as I can, without hitting any cows of course. There's a page filled with words, without a single paragraph break. I thought I was the only wordy nerdy douf. LOL

      It's hot here. We're still running the ac. The grass is still growing and flowers are bursting out all over. Enjoy the season.

  2. What a fun post -- so sorry you are sick but you write about it so beautifully! Loved all the stories. I hope everyone is better soon, including my FIL too. That Smithsonian issue looks interesting. i love red seals like those. Rest up, my friend!

    1. Thank you. I feel better. I guess it showed. LOL! Being sickish is a waste of time. Then it takes time to get your energy back. I take my MacBook to bed with me, fill my bed with what I need, then I'm good to go. Chinese soup is delivered. :)

      I hope your father-in-law gets better.

      Those red seals? You'd be surprised to learn what they were meant to protect.

      Have a great weekend. And be well.