Saturday, October 4, 2014

Le Saturday Evening Poste

I'm busy.  JC is home every day. Someone rear-ended his truck and he's a little down. He's way down. I caught him watching "Scorpion," in his his robe; he hasn't shaved in maybe ten days, but who's counting? He often grows a beard in the fall, and shaves it come spring. He walked two miles on the treadmill, "he had me know," while I just looked at it today. My single mile looks like a wimp in the face of that declaration. There's nothing so unamusing as a man in a robe, on the the sofa, with a remote clutched in his hand. Well, maybe channel surfing and watching "Scorpion" because he'd watched all the games. 

So. I took refuge in the room where I write. Seven letters later, I'm here. The printer is humming. I think it needs at least one cartridge. I'm uploading photos, printing photos, composing posts, and laughing out loud. Kevin Hart is actually a funny man when I'm watching him act with only half my mind. I've never caught one of his comedy routines, but what's on now is good enough. A light heart makes for light letters, right? Well, I've got seven as proof. Okay! Six letters and a postcard. Written last night and the yesterday. 

I did something great. It was easy. Patty gave me some beautiful pages. It was a long time ago. I could not bring myself to use a single piece of the treasure for mere mail art. I made up stories instead. Take this page. It's an envelope now, but it's been great material for stories about this ancient map you see before you. There are mountains, bodies of water and sky. There's land and ocean. 

There are four men with horns in four corners of the page. I wonder why they're naked. This guy uses one foot for a paddle, and maybe he holds on with the other? Or steers. What's he doing with his left hand?

This is his opposite. His horn and ride are yellow, his left foot paddles in the ocean. I wonder where he's going. Oh. He has yellow hair.

Is the dude's hair white? The one on the left. Hmm. "Let me see," said the blind man. I just checked the envelope. It looks like it might be, or the yellow has faded." The things that look like clouds are red, yellow, green and white. 

Look closely at the red figure next to the pale male in the upper left.  The dude has a beard, so I assume the red figure is female. Or not. But, I recognize the serpent climbing the red pole. And both figures cover their lap with both hands as they gaze at each other.  I see a boat emerging from the red water. Are those bee hive things trees? Houses? No matter. It is what you say it is. And I'm saying it's an envelope. It is an envelope that holds a letter that has to cross some water to get to where it's meant to go. 

I used it, Patty. I wish I hadn't covered the second figure behind the postage, but I had to put those stamps on before I lost courage. The first two people look like they're so happy to be there, while the dude in the chapeau just smuggy-smirks at us. Hold on. The four horns have four different colors! I'd say they're the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but those aren't horses' tails they're squeezing. 

And, there's this. I was blown away every time I looked at this. I was in awe, which is a bad thing since awe is a noun that describes a reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.  Oh, okay. Wait again. I looked in wonder. I was stuck on the front for months. I accidentally rechecked the back and, lo! what to my wondering eyes should appear, but . . . The truth.

Sure, I was fooled for a minute and a half before I got it. See how slow I am? So I laughed and laughed. And I picked up pen and paper to write to the lovely person who thought enough of me to make such and awesome envelope. Merely addressing one with my name and address on it earns the sender some awe. Shock and awe, when I answer right away! I will write no more for never. Get it? No? It's okay.

I like this stamp a lot. I have tens of stamps I like. A fact is, there isn't a stamp I don't like. Oh. There is. But there's one I want. I mean really, really want. But this one? This one comes from a show I watched some years ago. I like foreign films. The stamp is from a 1996 film, "Secrets & Lies." I love Brenda Blethyn. Well, I might not like her in person so I'll say that I like her as an actress. She's excellent in the film, and her "daughter" co-starred in a television show whose name I conveniently forget. 

Someone wrote to me from Israel once. Not a letter. He wanted to know if I thought the actress, Marianne Jean-Baptiste looked like Akhenaten, previously known as Prince Amenhotep IV. She did/does. I think the depictions of the king are beautiful. When I wrote back to say I agreed, he suggested that "someone" should probably write to her and tell her so. Can you imagine composing that letter? Besides, she's had a number of plastic surgeries to alter her features, meaning she did not like the face she came into the world with. There's a good story in that assumption. Someone should write a tale of the beautiful king incarnated in 2014 as Jean-Baptiste! It reminds me of the Joan Grant books.

I wrote all this to say this: There's a give-away at the end of this little Saturday evening post. The first reader to send me a postcard identifying the four men on the envelope will win a copy of Flow Magazine. I like their alphabet postcards so-o-o much, I want to share the pleasure. So, simply tell me who they are, what they are, and if your guess matches mine, well, you're a winner. Only US entries for this one please. Barnes & Noble had two copies left day before yesterday. If they're gone by tomorrow, I guess I'll be up a creek with one foot for a paddle, huh? No matter. The winner will be announced in two Saturdays: October 18, in time for my Saturday evening post. 

Write on.

P.S. Make that eight letters and a postcard! 


  1. well you have got me there with the name of those four men on the envie , I might have forgotten more than I knew at some point . ever feel like that ? I do all the time . well those are lovely creations my dear and rock on .

  2. Aww. Did I make it too hard? I thought I gave away too many clues. LOL. Don't over think it and you'll get it.

    Thanks for trying. I'm rocking and writing! More mail out than in. :)

  3. Oh, Secrets & Lies is one of my very favorite movies. I thought the daughter was unfailingly nice, even when her biological mother wasn't very forthcoming.

    1. I agree with you , yet my sympathy for the mother balanced my ambivalence. The mother's recognized daughter reacted to the news in a way that made me dislike a bit less. It's funny how we end up with the family we need.

      I'm glad you like the movie. No one I know has seen it.