Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Getting Mail Is a Special Occasion

Ooo-wee man! Another great mail day! I've sent out stacks of mail for days in a way. This reminds me of "Bread cast upon the waters comes back toast." Mail art is like buttered bread. And great mail is like French toast! Today, ten pieces of correspondence feels like I brought home whole loaf of all my favorite breads! 

I should have taken a better picture but if I don't write this right now, it might be midnight before I get another chance. I was so excited that I had all this lovely mail, why, I had to read most of it in the post office parking lot. Thanks, y'all! There's mail from two people I hadn't heard from in a good long while. Color my world happy! It's a wonderful mail day.

Old school cool, huh? I'll use it because of the birds, because it's small enough to fit in any bag, and because I still heart paper. Thank you, Hallmark.

Life is full of Hallmark moments. And art imitates life. 

I get a free holiday Mason jar if I go back next week. I wonder if Mason ever imagined his glass jars would be so popular. I have some of Mason's jars. They get used year-round. Only the contents change with the seasons. Postcard, anyone?

Ah, the stationery. They don't make it like they used to, do they? I seldom find paper that's as beautiful as some as yours. This has a nice feel. I feel lucky.

Wincing! A-B-C-D-E-F-Gee! It's just what I need. It's made of neoprene. Okay, the actual name is Neoprene Organizer Aztec. Aztec? What's Aztec about it? Is that the name of the font? Hmm.

The neoprene is a soft, gentle, colorful protector for my favorite pen du jour. And there's room for my phone. Or my readers. Oh, happy day!

Then there's this. I hope he doesn't follow my blog because Simon won't forgive me if he sees this. A whisker is caught in the clip of my pen. It happened while I was writing, and it took a while for him to free it. No, I did not help him. He and Minuet must think they can read and write; well, they act like it sometimes. Mail gets chewed. Mail gets delivered from room to room. Simon meows like he's delivering the real deal, or a dead mouse. JC threatens them with exile. Ha! Would you have believe me if I'd told you instead of letting you see it for yourself? Mail does funny things.

Write on.


  1. Oh my goodness JC sounds like my hubby threatening with exile ...mine says that too but he never does it for his bark is much worse than his bite Jc 's bark worse than his bite ? LOL . I just wave my hand at mine and say yeah okay . anyways what a wonderful mail day for you . I bet you were surprised at all that mail . Mail what a simple thing but oh so lovely to those of us who read and write letters . anyways I will stop gushing and raving and write on my dear .

    1. LOL! You are too right. He's a pushover when it comes to those two. Well, he is until they steal from him and deliver their heist to me.

      I used to get so much mail that I couldn't keep up. It was depressing. Last night I answered a letter from 2012 simply because I did not remember if I'd already answered. I usually archive answered mail. Has that ever happened to you?

      I'm often surprised by the amount of mail I get now, after three years. Letter writers are forgiving people. Right? :)

      I wish you good mail.

    2. oh yes I have done that before I think we all have ...and yes us letter writers are forgiving ppl indeed ..I wish you good mail as well .

    3. Simon should be flattered to get a mention in your lovely blog! I think his picture is wonderful.

    4. Aw shucks. You're too kind, and he's so spoiled. He cries on the other side of the door when I write posts. If I didn't lock him out he'd head butt my elbow until kingdom come, and I'd never post much. I'll tell him what you said though.

      That gorgeous sapphire ring is prettier than the new sapphire ink I have! You have good taste.