Monday, October 6, 2014

Everything is Tickety-Boo!

Everything is tickety-boo when there's mail for you. From you, too.  I haven't shared gems from my In Box in a long while. But that has changed since I feel tickety-boo, and not quite blue, although blue is a lovely color to be, if it matches today's sky, even slightly perfectly. Bees! I like bees. Thank you, Angela for this pretty-pretty. The absence of seeds is not a problem. I like the idea of plantable greetings. We should swap flower seeds come spring!

This screams, "Road trip!" Right? I wish I could. I wish we would. But it's not our season. *sigh* Knowing I'm still able to hear the road calling is good enough, for now. Thank you, Pamela. Happy 100th to your FIL! Belatedly. 

I like this no matter which way I turn it. This angle evokes flight. Thank, mim! "Creativity is a Practice," indeed!

Hahaha-ha! I told you! Tickety-boo! Cynthia, you made me laugh out loud in public! Thank you! And, I think I got it. Then I was anxious. I wondered how the cage was affixed to the wall; I worried about the chicken's feet tiring, and she has no place to rest. Who feeds her? Should I call the ASPC to Chickens? Or The ASPC to Fowl? Hmm. That's a hard one. Not hard boiled! What happened to the shells? Why is that one yolk dark? Is the chicken named Art? Is he a decorator? Dearie me! It's all tickety-boo! Right? 

I thought I recognized the name, so followed my nose to see where it goes, when it is let loose. And, here I be, because of ye! This one goes on my cork board. 

May all your mail be good mail.

Write on.


  1. wow you had a great mail day did you not that is just awesome really . I love all of them as well .

    1. Thank you! Indeed I did, and today's mail haul sent me scurrying to Hallmark in search of more stationery! I hit the mail mother lode. LOL