Sunday, September 28, 2014

There's Something About A Sunday . . .

And there's nothing short of sighing that's half as satisfying as writing the final postcard in my alphabet challenge, 'cause affixing the final stamp is oh, so gratifying . . . Okay, I'm no songwriter/poet. But I did it. It is done. Keep an eye on your mailbox because I might have sent you one. 

I wrote from A-B-C to P.
Then D-E-F-G
L-M-N-O-no P
Oh! Why, you Y?
and then there was Z.

G, N, U (Not my imaginary gnu!) were harder by far.
Gloria, Nikki and unice?
Pray tell, what is a numbat?
You ask?
I won't tell,
I do recommend:
"Find an Aussie to ask!"

 My lovely plan 
was to send 
a postcard 
from A through Z! 
And that I have done,
so why taunt me? 
Glory be!
The challenge 
Moving on to another
is what happens to me. 

Still, there's just something about a Sunday 
that makes you look forward to Monday, 
when your alphabet mail is good to go. 

Psst! Do you know Zorro's fan mail address?

Write on, y'all! Write on.


  1. I enjoy sundays I really do and certainly enjoy these blogs as well and they make me laugh so that is a good thing .

    1. I like Sundays also. Our neighborhood is always peaceful since half the families spend the day in church, and the ones that don't, stay inside--not wanting the rest of us to know they don't do church. LOL.

      I like to catch up reading the blogs I follow, too. Sometimes it takes me a week to get through them all.