Monday, September 22, 2014

Not Another Manic Monday

Do Mondays get a bad rap? What if they're mail Mondays? I've decided to save my weekend mail for Mondays. It's the one day of the week when people who suffer from weekend time off hangovers use the beginning of the week to gather themselves. They stay home. Goodness knows the back-to-work-on-Monday manics need all the road space available, so I will do my part and enjoy the almost-patron-free building on the first day of the week during off peak hours. There's always good parking space. Even the lobby was almost empty, and a sole patron made up the line inside. Oh, happy day!

There was time to have a chat with the mail clerk who assisted me today. Why is that remarkable? Well, we were able to chat because no one was behind me. Absolutely no one. There's usually a, "Herd 'em up! Move 'em out! atmosphere due to the staggered line that has become the standard in Katy. Supply and demand has become a myth in myth here. The UPSP cannot keep up with the new Texans (aka transplants) who need post office boxes, because their home cluster boxes have not been installed in the brand spanking new neighborhoods they've moved into. The Park Row post office is so small . . . Never mind. It's large enough to handle the mail that's mine. But . . . To all the people who still insist that mail is not an important part of their daily lives, I ask, "Why isn't it?" 

So, my final weekend mail tally? Seventeen. A lovely feeling of accomplishment still lingers, long after I made it home. Seventeen out, with more on the way. The good feelings were briefly tinged with confusion. 

Okay, maybe confusion is not the right word, but I think confused is how I felt after I opened my post office box, and I saw my own handwriting on mail I'd forgotten sending. Does it ever happen to you? Does it take a second for it to register, before it clicks, I've got mail. Um, my own

Returned mail feels very much like a little punch to the solar plexus. I think it's disappointment. Worry dogs its heels. Always the thin line exists between wonder and worry.

Having two offerings bound back is a double whammy. It's worse because I worry and wonder. What's happened? Always the negative. Am I wired that way? Probably. But halfway home, I remembered that returned mail could very well mean the intended recipient might have moved. Or, better yet,  maybe they eloped. Elopees never have time to fill out a change of address card on their way to the justice of the peace. Right? Then I wondered if they had to flee because of fire or mudslides. Stop already. But, wait. Who doesn't do a change of address these days? Now I need to check a map and see how close my pen friend is to the wild fires in Cali. No! Don't. So I won't. 

And I don't. I examine my new Hendrix stamps instead, shaking my head and thinking "I could do a better job." And, " It doesn't even look like Jimi."

But, hey. Janis looks like Janis, except when images of Bette being Janis overrides my common sense. Oh. By the way? That first image deserves an explanation. Does anyone know what the Postal Service's Consumer Advocate does? I wonder if he/she has a job description. Oh well.

Here's wishing you "Good Mail!"

Sincerely sincere,



  1. If I ever marry I want to elope to Gretna Green in Scotland. Unless I were marrying George Clooney...oops, almost too late for that.

    1. Cynthia! Here I was, thinking you were married and you're not. This just goes to show how much I have to learn. I know more about Gretna Green, but why there?

      Sorry, but you couldn't pay me to marry Clooney. Not that he'd want to marry me either, but IMHO he's rather one dimensional, used to suck his thumb so the roof of his mouth is curved and . . . and there are so many stars who are much more handsome, and he reminds me of . . . And I'm glad it's too late because you can do better. :) You deserve better. I always think of Rock Hudson's double life when it comes to Clooney, and it makes me just a little sad.

      I seem to have an opinion about everything, huh?

    2. Liam Neeson? That would work.

    3. LOL! I'd do my best to help you snag Liam. He's closer to Gretna and he's better looking.

      Oh, wait! I heard he's dating again, so you'd better polish your bait, girl. It can't hurt to have a backup either. Just in case. :D

  2. I know... I don't even think it looks like Jimi either. But at
    least he is on a stamp. I saw him in person. I'll never
    Forget it.

    1. Where did you see him??? I caught a recent documentary about his life and I glimpsed his genius. I get how such talent burns up and out before we get to bask in their light just long enough--but never enough. What is left after perfection? Elton John got it right when he told sang of a candle in the wind. Okay, I'm not making sense but I have a feeling you get what I'm trying to say. Jimi was a genius--and he kissed the sky.

      Indeed, the stamp honors him. He and Janis are quite a couple. :)

    2. I saw him perform when I was a kid in high school and he was amazing. I will
      see if I can find my Hendrix negatives and make you a print...or have one made since my old darkroom is not in full service mode any longer.....

    3. Wow. I'm impressed. He seems taller than life in photos. Legends usually are.

      See? I voted to keep your darkroom intact. Remember? LOL. I'd be beholden if you manage to send me a copy some day. :) Thanks.

  3. nOw wait a minute girlfriends fingers off Liam Neeson , he is a widower and he is mine ....LOL !!!!

    1. LOL! Poor Liam. You upped his ante and he doesn't have a clue.