Thursday, September 18, 2014

Neither Snow nor Rain nor Gloom of Day . . .

September 18, 2014

. . . stays this limner from her appointed mail rounds when she has a stack of mail burning her palms. Okay, not if I have vacation postcards that are way past due. I've been squeezing all the holiday glow possible from the best time I've had in a long while, and it translates into a slowed down mail metabolism. In my support I must repeat the telling of how I mailed eighteen cards from Chicago, and say, yet again how Erin mailed my last minute card the day after JC and I left. Yesterday, I mailed seventeen postcards, 3 Lazy-grams, and one letter. I'm catching up! 

This photo was taken from the post office parking lot with my iPhone yesterday afternoon. For all the Houstonians who complained about the rain must have forgotten all those prayers they sent to heaven, begging for rain, because they sure are whining about getting their prayers answered now. Transplants groan about how they hate our weather, calling it bipolar and such. Well, hello! We can't change anything about the weather, so the payoff must be a psychological one, therefore we whine. But, we natives are allowed to whine. It's our weather, after all. We have the weather we are meant to have. I don't know everything for sure, but what I do know is this. There's never a parking problem at the post office when there's rain or a threat of rain. There were fewer than a handful of people in the lobby yesterday, and I walked from the lobby, straight through the double doors, and there was no one ahead of me! It's even worse better when it snows, which is as rare as rooster teeth. And, wouldn't you know there were more clerks than customers? Where do they hide out on busy days? 

See my out mail. I was stacked. Oh! And, I took delight in dressing up my lone little letter. Lately, I've spent bits of time explaining why I embellish my mail to more than a handful of people who have never heard of mail art! Imagine that. And, did I tell you about the day I saw a young man mailing the most unique wedding invitations I'd ever seen up until then? No? Well, the invites were in faux glass bottles that had "beach" sand and tiny sea shells inside! He'd bought them at the Party Store. I so want to top that. Some day. 

I forgot to include the package in my little mail tally! I'm itching to tell you what it is but if I did, I'd ruin a lovely surprise. So I won't.

I will, however, show you the cover of the ten-fourteen or so copies of FLOW that finally found their way to Barnes & Noble, but only after the one I ordered arrived via The Netherlands post just before we went on vacation. One of my favorite booksellers confessed that not a single copy was sold, and he explained why the magazines were MIA. The US distributor quit. It took awhile for another to take their place. My copy was damaged; the postcards are bent. I wrote to FLOW, and guess what.

The sent me the latest issue! Yes, it's damaged too. Their mailers aren't very strong for such a lengthy voyage that includes loading and being tossed about by Manglers. I have written to offer my suggestions, but suggestions are often like . . . Well, you know what I mean. This issue convinced me to keep on buying FLOW despite the price. I mean, how can I not when it is a work horse that plows through new terrain, sows seeds of inspiration, and I get to reap the benefits that come with seeing expressions of paper love through foreign eyes? Such loveliness gets me through snow, rain and the lovely gloom of stormy days when I'd rather be . . . 

Sincerely sincere,

P.S. Wishing you rain, everyone in Weeds. 


  1. That sky looks ominous, I love it! I received your lovely postcard, letter, and photos, and I have a backlog a mile long because I was on vacation earlier this month. I hope to be inspired to start writing replies very soon.

    1. It rained yesterday and through the night. Has rain ever kept you awake? I find it to be as soothing as a lullaby but last night's rain sound different somehow, so I was awake to greet the dawn.

      Glad you had a dose of rest and recreation too. Everyone needs a vacation at least twice a year. It has to be without stress or drama though.

      Inspiration comes when it will, dear Jackie, with it comes all the things that make a great letter. So take your time. No one ever died from an empty mail box. :) But, I've read that some die from boredom.

      Thanks for stopping by for a wee chat. Be well.

  2. No way!!!! do you think that have it at B&N in Chicago!
    I am walking over right now to find out... stay tuned!

    1. Hey, Cynthia. I just finished a letter to you and here you are! This ESP thing really works. Do I think your B&N has it? Girl, anything is possible. Why not call first. Wait until you see what's inside! It's another goodie-filled keeper. The ladies at Flow have hit their stride. I hope you get a copy.

      Fingers crossed. :)

    2. Well, I just walked over, determined to have this magazine. I looked, and looked, nothing. I looked at a different section, nothing. I looked, sighed, looked, sighed, etc. THEN I saw that the Crafts & Hobbies section is removed to the side from the rest. I looked. Nothing. Then, lo and behold I saw that some FOOTBALL magazines and some other intruder was covering up one magazine. I removed the intruders and THERE IT WAS!! FLOW!!
      We have a work marathon today so I will wait until later this afternoon, with a cup of tea and a thunderstorm to review this gem. Thanks Limner!

    3. Cynthia! Good for you. I read with bated breath. Seriously, I saw spots before I remembered to breathe! Which issue did you find? The latest one, right?

      Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, despite the torn cover. The books diary is cute but I never lend my books. I keep them or give them away. What about you?

      Enjoy your FLOW! Or better yet . . . Go with it. ;)

    4. I have the latest issue - not torn or anything! I only lend a book when it is a 2nd copy. I have bought multiple copies of Outlander over the years just for that purpose. Now it is becoming well-known.

    5. Good for you! I won't have to deal with the Mangler now that US distribution will keep it on shelves here. I'll buy a copy at a discounted rate and be grateful for the convenience.

      You're the only person I know who has read the book. Do you like the series?

      The only time I buy multiple copies is when I forget I've read a book, forget that I have it, or buy copies for gifts. I forget more titles than I care to admit. I'm of age now. :)

  3. The rain reached us here today but I've kept busy inside. I'm rearraging my desk. Really I need two desks, one for projects and one for letter writing. I still haven't found Flow magazine. I thought I got lucky in town this week when I saw the letters FLOW but when I pulled the magazine out it was Flower Magazine. Sigh.

    1. Anna, ours is a soggy piece of the planet but some of us are happier, knowing the drought is over. I hope your rain is gentler.

      I empathize about a need for space. I outgrow my own regularly. Thank goodness there's my drawing table to take on the overflow. :)

      Flow's American distributor quit and it's taken several months for another to take up the reigns. Three booksellers gave me the same answer, so I believe them.

      Check their site for their worldwide shop list, or follow this link. Looking for Flow Magazine International? Click here for a worldwide shop list: Fingers crossed!

      Every paper lover needs Flow.

  4. Gee....we don't even have Barnes & Noble here in SF and I have yet to get my hands on a Flow magazine....I am not real hopeful i ever will....
    And that sky -- wow! I love weather! Send some rain our way - CA is in a very serious drought and I am praying for rain and a lot of it.

    1. Good news! I found the San Francisco bookstores that sell Flow. I don't expect to hear from them again until next week. Try Fog City News, Smoke Signals, Good News & J. News Inc.. This one is right up your alley, lady. Fingers crossed for you!

      We're praying for you too. Poor Weeds. The good that comes from the loss is they are alive to start over. There are blessings in every storm. I will send you some rain!