Thursday, September 25, 2014

Martha's Mail Makers

I'm enjoying catching up with the bloggers I follow. It feels like six months since I last read a post, although I know better. There's always something new and exciting to discover, such as new ways of looking at the everyday, and recognizing the commonalities we share across the globe, new seasonal trends and discoveries, or simply charting how time has moved along. (Did you know there are others who wonder how our planet was named, and why? Again, I thought I was the only one who wanted to know. And, did you know that the Earth is the only planet that was not named for a Greek or Roman god or goddess? See? I'm not the only human who didn't know. There's something new to learn every day.) There's also a stack of magazines I need to read before the next issues come my way. Sometimes the blogosphere crosses paths with the magaosphere, and magic occurs at the point where they intersect. This particular instance lined up over a blog I follow and Martha Stewart Living. Details are all over page 76 of MSL's September issue. 

It's all about the paper. By that I mean page 76 is for paper lovers and letter writers. The title is "The Write Stuff," and it is easy to find at I read about the upcoming stationery piece from one of the artists, whose work is showcased.  Katharine's prints elevate stationery to a whole other level of handmade--even if you're in the habit of making your own. Visit her blog and see for yourself.

You know I had to check out each offering in "The Write Stuff." I wanted to see for myself, and see if I would buy what Martha recommends. So I did. Okay, I checked the ones that interested me.'s has foil stamped craft-paper envelopes with white note cards in the "Gold Standard" Arrow Mail set, which is up my alley at six and six for $18. My jones was for the one thing I did not find not/could not find. The Pocket Books. Then again, I read when I have to wait for something, and waits are never long enough to pen, Dear Friend, I am writing to you while waiting for my annual pap smear, mammogram, or therapy session. That slips to the low totem space right above "Hello, I can't talk right now. Let me call you back." Why answer the phone if you can't talk. Right? So why, oh why would I try "jotting a letter while on the go"? We can still buy something from Martha's Mail Makers though. I'm just grateful for the offerings. I'm a letter-writing-paper-lover too, you know!