Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love Letters

September 14, 2014


I was telling Cynthia how it seems there's something about letters and mail everywhere I look lately. Magazines and newspapers are on the mail bandwagon almost as much as we are. In light of the upward swing, one would think Hallmark and bookstores would note the trend and get serious about offering more honest to goodness stationery. Texas Art Supply has a better selection than these two. Aaron Bros. beats them hands down when it comes to notecards. Well, almost. I'm favoring them because I bought a box of these little gems yesterday when I stopped by for a mat and frame. They are for a postcard I bought at the Chicago Institute of Art. More on that later.

I enjoy a monthly read of "My Day in Cups of Tea." It's a simple read, yet it allows me to eavesdrop on someone else's typical tea day day. Now I want to share my typical day in tea. Ha, ha, and ha! Mine is brief seeing as how I do only one cup of English breakfast tea per day. Today, I sipped while I read the Sunday Times. Mine consists of one cuppa, with water chasers throughout the day. Oops. Yesterday I substituted the usual for a white chocolate mocha frappe with no whip, and enjoyed a third of it as I warmed a seat at a table for two. I didn't want to wait until I came home to thumb through "Landscape Magazine."

I enjoy quotable quotes. You do too, don't you? This clip from Mama Mia's bears witness and evidence to this day's cup. See that stain on the lower left? Well, how on Earth did it miss the front of my t-shirt? *tsk* Sipping, and scanning, and reading, and clipping my way through the paper, this is where I discovered Mia and et al.  

"A Kiss, a Sigh . . . and a Postage Stamp." A play! "On Thursday, the Broadway revival of A. R. Gurney's 1999 play, "Love Letters," directed by Gregory Mosher, opens . . . " The cast reads "aloud from five decades of correspondence: mash notes, party invitations, the record of a disastrous coupling at the Harvard-Yale game." Actors include Stacy Keach, Carol Burnett, Mia Farrow, Diana Rigg, Alan Alda, Anjelica Huston, Candice Bergen and Martin Sheen. 

The article begins with a question posed to Stacy Keach. "What makes a great love letter?" Oh! I missed Brian Dennehy. He's asked, "Has something been lost in the move away from handwritten letters?" What a silly Billy kind of question, huh? Carol Burnett answers to, "Is there a love letter that's especially important to you?" Follow the link, read the whole thing and tell me what you think. The article has a place in my current journal instead of my morgue, because I deem it a keeper.

Write on.

Sincerely sincere,


P.S. Do you know what a mash note is? I had to look up the word in a dictionary. 


  1. I have a love letter from my boyfriend George when I was in college. It is a sweet and kind of funny Valentine's Day poem. And when I looked up mash note, I realized I have one of those too! From someone I worked with who left a white chocolate rose and a note on my desk for V. Day. I never found out who it was, but I have a guess. Ah well.

    1. I burned my love letters. None were memorable, however, I did save letters from a boyfriend in college. I was a freshman. They're in the garage. I think. There's nothing romantic or loving about them though.

      LOL. You had a masher, huh? What do you call a man who phones you, never speaks but plays a love song? It happened for months, it ended when I moved to Colorado. I, too, have a guess. A very good one.

      I wish you mail!