Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Satisfy a Hankering for Hanx

How does one satisfy a hankering for Hanx Writer? You buy the app of course! Can't wait long enough to finish this little post? Well, grab your patience and go the the Apple Apps Store. Do a search for Hanx Writer, pay for the privilege, then write on!

I bought Hanx Writer before we went on vacation then forgot all about it until tonight, although I absolutely enjoyed it. So why did I continuously overlook the cute little gold icon? Read on; therein lies a possible answer.

I typed it all out but it saves as a PDF or as rich text, which sounds like a deal breaker since the charm is lost in translation. Not to worry. I might not be an expert at using this simple little charmer yet, but I will persevere while I hope you will discover its charm for yourself. Here we go:

September 15, 2014 

Dear Friends, 

How are you? Fine, I hope. I am good. Thank you for wondering. 

This little note is about a wonderful little app that has the power to take you back in time to typing class. Remember how it felt trying to type without looking at the keys? Did you master the challenge, or were you like me, a faster hunt and pecker? Do you ever hear the clatter of a room full of keys, and carriages dinging so sweetly, even in your sleep? I hated typing. I was going to be an artist! Not someone's secretary! 

I became proficient enough to earn a B in the class, and graduated high school with the basic skills anyone needed to get through college classes that demanded term papers and reports as proof of having learned something, as well as writing business letters and resumes later? (That sentence makes little sense, but who's counting?) I never mastered the word processor either, and I spent a small fortune in typing paper because I worked out my frustrations by erasing unsightly holes in page after page after page of almost-perfect papers. I was just as bad, or even worse with White Out. My clothes bore smudges of carbon no matter how hard I tried to be secretarial or professional. I managed to finish beginners typing in college with the same speed I burnt up the paper with in high school. It was a whopping 42 wpm! Smirk if you will, but I was often hired  as a clerical temp years before I landed in art school. 

Now. Try to imagine my jubilation and darn near over-Jupiter-joy I felt when I bought my first Mac, and pressed the first key on a keyboard! Hallelujah! I was on cloud nine! Those keys were as soft as down. And I "deleted" instead of erasing! I have not looked back since, no, not even once. My wrists thanked me.

Decades later, Tom comes along, at a saunter. Tom Hanks, that is. He couldn't be satisfied and content with just being an actor. No-o-o! He had to come up with an idea and an app that whisks people like me back to that sweatshop cum typing class, where I used to sweat like the first woman to ever sit in an electric chair. He made me pay for the pleasure of being tortured all over again. He practically forced me buy this app! And so I did. I could not rest until I knew . . . 

So. If you, too, need to know if you no longer suffer from 
Typewriter Phobia, or if you simply miss the sights and sounds from typing class, but not the gritty, rigid typing erasers with those stiff plastic quills sticking out the other end, and if  you kinda  do miss the smell of White Out and that fear-reeking sweat from the classmates I remind you of (There's always one or two.), then go! Buy “Hanx Writer” quick-quick! Enjoy the different typewriters, lovingly stroke the keys as you are whisked back to those pre-keyboard days, and thank me! Thank me! And when you are sated, type and tell Mr. Hanks, "Limner sent me." Then, write on. 

Sincerely sincere, 


This is how it actually looks. 

Just like the real deal, huh? And the sounds? Oh, the sounds!!!

See? Didn't I tell you??? Or did I? Well, there are three styles to choose from. I think I am impartial. Okay, I use which ever one suits my mood. Tonight I tried all three. Tomorrow I will print at least two letters instead of being as lazy as I am now. Sometimes fun should just be fun, and demonstrations have to be enough. Anyway, the actor, Tom Hanks takes credit for this gem of an app,  hence the name "Hanx Writer." Buy the app, read his fun letter and laugh. He explains the hows and whys of it all, and there's a nice photo of him with typewriters and . . . Oh! Enough! Go! Go buy it and try it. It's the only way to satisfy a hankering for Hanx Writer. Then type me a letter!

Write on, write on!

Sincerely sincere,


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