Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Postcard a Day, or Another Saturday Evening Post

It sounded good on paper. It looked great on other blogs. It seemed like a good idea today. So I went with it. Besides, what's the point in having lovely postcards if you don't send them? I suppose I could sell the magazine they're in on eBay fifty years from now, but where's the fun in that? The challenge would be writing away the weekend, not sending a postcard a day. Someone else already does that just fine. My challenge will be mailing the 26 on Monday! Um, you don't see the challenge in that? Well, let me see you come up with 26 names from your address book, then match them with the alphabet. Even harder is deciding who gets the card if five pen friends share the same alphabet for a first name--not a surname. Or should I use surnames as well? I mean, who has an Uma, a Xena, or a Zenobia in their address book? 

The creators and illustrators at FLOW are amazing. They make it hard for a limner to dismantle one of the best magazines ever. I archived chapters torn from an "ancient" arithmetic text book. They are meant to be used. Patty gave them to me not long after I first started OWM. I did some of the exercises! I even kept the old-but-beautiful magazine pages! I will never be a great mail artist if I can't bring myself to desecrate repurpose materials that will otherwise simply decay. Folding, creasing, and detaching perforated postcards from a beloved magazine causes less angst. So, here goes. In case you cannot read the small print, this is what it says: 

"The alphabet: 26 letters that are the basis of everything. We use it do describe what we love, to send invitations, to write letters,  and for the most ordinary tasks, like grocery lists. Each letter has its own beautiful form and that's why we asked 26 illustrators from around the globe to design a letter for us. Each one. On the previous pages are the results: 26 letter cards. Use them to send a personal note, to make a garland, to attach to a gift . . ." 

D is for cats?

The names of the illustrators are listed. How can I not free their art--give it wings to soar among my beloved circle of pen friends? Why, oh why don't you have exotic names?!? Five cards are ready. ABC and D are easy. Only one letter is out of place. Twenty-one will follow in Monday's mail. 

Write on!


  1. I dunno, I rather like the name Zenobia, perhaps I'll go with that for a few weeks and give it a test drive? I was just writing to you last night about my name...
    I love these postcards. I think it's a fun challenge. Maybe you could pick a characteristic from each of your correspondents and use the letter to indicate that? Would that make it easier, hmm, maybe more difficult. My mind is moving too fast because I like these letter cards. I think I'd spell out a word with some of them and send the words out. I keep hoping the Post Office will come out with alphabet stamps!

    1. I too, think Zenobia is a fine name. I just don't know anyone named Zenobia, and the names must come from my address book. My challenge is more entertaining than I imagined, so I called on clever to help me get through thus.

      You might be surprised to know the alphabet that's giving me a run for my money is G! I must find a name for a single letter, or fail the challenge. No! There are two--down from three last night. I've caved and will send an alphabet to someone I'd rather not, but I will still be one short.

      Alphabet stamps would be heaps of fun. Imagine the word play a clever-clever like you would have with those!

  2. I always liked Xanadu or does that sound too much like Zanax or Zoloft ? yes I know those are names of depression meds not making fun of depression but do any of you wonder where they get the names of these meds ? makes one wonder does it not ?

  3. Hahaha! For real! It doesn't really matter since they all sound good, or are they meant to make one feel better? If we lived in Xanadu, would we need Xanax and Zoloft? :) Maybe if we took one or the other, we'd think we were on Xanadu! I've never seen the movie "Xanadu."

    See? Great minds think a lot! Alike, too. :)

    Thanks for commenting.