Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Good Letter Deserves Another

"The proof is in the pudding. What's done in the dark soon comes to light. Show me the money! Every day I be hustling' hustlin! Ya' got me workin' workin day and night!" You know where this is going. Right? Make it rain!" Huh? Well, I made it rain! "I been makin paper," too. I am on a roll. I am having fun. I've almost caught up to my runaway mail backlog. I am canceling letter debt from last year! 

I actually used a handful of The Women of Waterhouse Art Cards I bought last year. They make the sweetest postcards. Here's a favorite, "The Magic Circle." She looks a little masculine above the neck but I'm convinced she worked some powerful magic in her day. In fact, I am so convinced that I've created a magic circle of my own. It's the "one good letter deserves another" circle that remains unbroken because we write. One good letter deserves another. So, write on, right? 

Then there's my special little reward. There is always a reward, and I deserve a this one, don't I? I mean, I write until my poor fingers blister. Bandages are made for intense letter writers like moi and yoi! I might not be a Thor fan, the movie was embarrassing, but I liked the first two Iron Man movies. Cannot bring myself to watch the third. It's just that bad. Okay. I like a man in uniform. 

Note: It took three of these little men to cover my last cut! Nexcare should make these in adult sizes, right? All right then. 

Here's a poser: Mail cast upon the waters comes back _______________________. (fill in the blank)

Hint: Bread cast upon the waters comes back toast.
Hint 2: Buttered bread cast upon the waters comes back fattening toast!


  1. Mail cast upon the waters comes back sea mail...groan. It's bad, I know.

    1. Hahaha! I like it! It's original. :D

  2. Love the Waterhouse cards... especially the pagan themed ones like the Magic Circle.

    1. I am a big Waterhouse fan. His women are a force. The Magic Circle is a favorite among favorites. I like knowing someone else shares my good taste. :) Thanks for visiting and leaving a calling card.