Friday, June 6, 2014

Larking About!

I have a young character who looks a lot like this one. I'll share her some day. She has a glowing future. This sweet face graces a magazine I court often but only recently took out.

Do you ever buy a magazine and save the best pages for envelopes? Do you ever cave and cannot bring yourself to use them? This page makes me cave. But some day . . . Soon, I hope.

Take a close look and tell me how magical all this is. I want to use it for a special envelope, but you know that I cannot. One close-up and you want to pore over it until your eyes dry out. You blink, then you look some more. 

There's this bit of magic! Sorry for the glare. 

Oh, the fantasy, the fantasy! The fantasy is often captured on the pages of Juxtapose Magazine. And it spills out-and-up a

juxtapose |ˈjəkstəˌpōzˌjəkstəˈpōz|verb [ with obj. ]place or deal with close together for contrasting effect: black-and-white photos of slums were starkly juxtaposed withcolor images.ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from French juxtaposer, from Latin juxta next +French poser to place.

I've been five days absent, because I have been on a lark. 

lark 2 |lärkinformalnounsomething done for fun, esp. something mischievous or daring; an amusing adventure or escapade: I only went along for a lark.• usu. with modifier ] chiefly Brit.used to suggest that an activity is foolish or a waste of time: he's serious about this music lark.
I've written two tens worth of letters, notes, notecards, postcards and such, and I'm still behind. Larking about gives me many topics to write about. Carving cork is addictive. My thumb is well but the cork monkey wants to ride my back through Hell and out. Oh, the fun one has with an addiction! The backyard is a den for clover seekers. I pluck bunches from the soil, plop them in little jars, glasses and vases filled with water. I've pressed them and undressed them. I've stamped them all over paper! In progressive shades of green that preen and dance like they're real. Until you look closely. Oh, that darn cork! 

I do get a heady charge from the vapors attached to purple-bottomed plugs! Why doesn't the fermented juice of the grape taste as sweet? Intoxicated, I draw and cut and ink and stamp-stamp-stamp. You'd think I'd be tired by now, but no, it isn't so. 

No more stab-slice-and-bleed for me. I'm as cautious as the turtle I saw crossing Barker Cypress this afternoon. Cars braked, people prayed, and on my way home--no blood. I ordered a thumb and finger guard though. I bought new blades during a visit to my favorite art supply store. I restocked the pantry, freezer and fridge. I bribed JC with barbecue. I needed creative time and who wants to cook every single day when cork wants to play with Limner? Okay, I larked because no one wanted to eat what I cooked with an oozing, bloody thumb. 

Cat lovers beware! I have an anecdote for you about the book I bought for Erin and Chloe. See? There's always something to write about if you go out and let letters happen. The cat on the cover looks nothing like Chloe but almost exactly like Minuet. Have you read this? Dog lovers outnumber cat lovers but cats are smarter.

I've had fun galore in my gardens, larking about with vegetables. Someone is bound to be bored to tears with letters about my green thumbs. Not the one I sliced! Alex came over just before the sun set, and we harvested cukes old enough to be eaten. He insisted that I keep this one just for me. Oh, the letters that grow on a vine!

This is FLOW's "RADIANT SUNNY YELLOW." It's a mellow yellow that makes you wonder how sunny the sun is over there. I am quite taken with the name though. And FLOW does have a lovely way with words! No, there hasn't been a new issue in over two months. 

I think I saved the best for last. The Zoo Mail. Zoo Mail? It's a game for children. Have you played? It's a retro game. Someone thinks children who write letters are retro! Aha! Recognize my bag? Name it, just for giggles, and win one! 

(Limner returns to larking.)
P.S. I will never carve another potato. It's a major waste of time.


  1. Oh darn! I know it is not an LL Bean tote bag... those of us from the East Coast think there is no other.

    I LOVE the Juxtapose images! I have to look at this magazine!

    1. Hahaha! No, it's not LLB. Letter-writers love it--this bag.

      Juxtapose is always chock-full of delicious images that make you pause, scratch your head, pull and ear lobe and wish you were so out-of-the-box. Then you grab a copy and get busy. :)

  2. Where do you find all of these fabulous magazines? I've looked and looked and cannot find any of the ones you mention. I'll have to order Flow. I must have it! I save pages and bags from shops thinking I'll use them for envelopes but some I don't want to use just yet. I'll send you one of mine if you send me one of yours. Deal?

    1. I buy them at B&N. Fructose is another edgy artist 'zine. They're habits I picked up in art school and held on to. I've haunted four bookstores, I've written to the women at FLOW, and I've ordered a single back issue but so far there's no word on the availability of the next issue. Erin is on the job for me in Chicago with no success so far. Flow was my crack for a hot minute. :( We are in accord on saving paper. I have just the trade for you! :) So it's a deal!

  3. Barnes & Noble. Just picked up my copy this afternoon. And now I am home, ready for my cup of tea & enjoying this new magazine.

    1. You have it!!! Isn't it something else? Did you check out High Fructose Magazine? Sip and savor girl! Sip and savor!

  4. It is good to find you having so much fun! I know I haven't written in way to long, but I think of you often. I am hoping life will give me a chance to catch up so I can sit down and write you. Until then I will look forward to your blog for my Limner fix :) Big Hugs!

  5. Elle!!! Hugs! Thanks. I think of you probably just as often, or maybe more since I see your beautiful artiststamps every day. I used three last night.

    Writing when you feel like it is always a good thing. Anything else smacks of obligation, and we know that leads to bad mail karma. ;D FYI I bought the latest JUXTAPOZ 'zine because the bees reminded me of you and your bee mail art! And Patty's! To halfway quote Willie Nelson, "Y'all are always on my mi-i-ind. You are always on my mind." (Sung in F flat. C sharp? Hummed?)

    Be well, Elle. Much love.