Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Look! A new discovery aka compensation for my FLOW disappointment, (Local booksellers have not seen page nor cover of it since April.) a reward for looking, a thump on the back of my pate for not moving on sooner. I never imagined bringing home a copy of Cloth Paper Scissors, but look! So never think never.

Had I noticed it last month I like to think I'd have answered their call for a stamp swap. Out of nine pages worth of carvings, narry a one was carved by a Texan. How sad is that? 

Personal favorites were created by Leah Kiley in Pierre, SD --Indira Govindan from Summit, NJ -- Pattie Fulton in Royal Palm Beach, FL -- Debra Almanza in Rio Rancho, NM -- Michelle Schroder in Lancaster, NY. I like them all but it's not fair to show the full article or photos. The magazine is worth the price of admission. There's "a look at . . . Stamp Carving Supplies" on pages 16 through 18, with a nod to "CARVE STAMP PLAY" and Stamp-Making Adventures Workshop DVD. I quote: "Good instruction is essential when learning a new skill, especially when special tools are involved." Spceial tools? DVDs take too long. I'm a dive right in kind of woman but, "one never knows, do one?" said Fats Waller. 

I cannot resist sharing my new favorite stamp, although it might read better without the underscore. What was I thinking? Right? One good letter deserves another! The green stamped bits were made with a cork half and a pretty green ink pad. I got a little carried away but only because the creepy old man in "Never Take Candy from a Stranger" is to blame. I wanted to stamp him out! TCM hosted a late night creep-athon last night! Such awful movies! But they kept me company through the night's bout with insomnia. 

Wait until you see what I'm working on now. I live and learn! Live and learn! I wait and see! Wait and see! And, I write on.

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