Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another Saturday Evening Post

Remember ESOPUS 16 Spring 2011? I think this is one of my most favorite images out of all the fantastic images therein. I never put my copy away. I came across it the other day in the middle of a marathon cleaning session, stacked with other "keepers." Where's yours? When's the last time someone asked, "Ma'am, did you pack your own bag?" If a questioner of limners asked me that today. Okay. I'd have to be checking my bag first, but let's pretend, okay? 

If the questioner, whose job it is to ask foolish questions were to ask, Ma'am, did you pack your own bag?" "You know I did." Is what I'd reply. Then I'd open my suitcase and insist on showing my mail. The End. Because some of us know that the only time my mail is this orderly is when it's being archived. Right? Once upon a time this sweet little suitcase kept my letter-writing paraphernalia at the ready. It never ever complained. But I did. I complained that,  Everything has Paris or the Eiffel Tower on it! I'm not even French! This is America!" And, "Art imitates life? Ha!" So what if the French had suitcases first? And maybe they had a postal system before Americans were even a glimmer in their forefathers' eyes. This is still America. So I tucked the case under my long gray bench and forgot it until I'd tripped over a corner that reached out to grab me, or I'd banged an ankle as I tried to walk past and watch Manu Genobli or Tony Parker score at the same time. Today is D Day. Destination Day. A day when art imitates art. And here we have it. Mama's repurposed an offensive new old bag! 

Here we have seven letters waiting! For what, you might wonder? Why, they are waiting for the mail bag, of course! I've developed a habit of waiting for a stack to rise like my mama's biscuits used to rise in a warm spot, under a tea towel, before I trek to the post office. Am behind as usual but I am on a roll. It's too hot to do much of anything outside after 10 AM. So cleaning, doing laundry and playing with paper trumps heatstroke any day.

Write on!


  1. Very nice! I like to bring a bunch of mail to the PO at the same time too....more fun that way. Love the suitcase. And thanks for the mail, mon amie. I will be sending some your way.

    1. I hope your memory is nothing like mine. I misplaced those letters, found them last night and forgot to make a postal run before 10 AM; it was too hot by 11: so my mail bag is bulging. The post office gets farther away with each hot day.

      I wish I could find a suitcase like that. The pockets are cool and the case has character. :)

      Ooh, lah! You make great mail, so I'll keep an eye out for it. I'm working on a top secret and hope to unveil it soon.

      Oh! Your name is in my mailbag!

  2. I need a suitcase like that! I usually have a stack of mail when I go to the post office too. I only get into town once a week as we live so rurually.

    1. Why don't they make suitcases like that any more? It would make a lovely lap desk, the pockets are ideal for postcards, envelopes, stickers, stamps and such, don't you think? :)

      My cardboard suitcase might hold another twenty letters before it's time to archive the entire thing. I can't wait to tie it with twine! Like a hobo. :D